Ms Sara Dehm

  • Ms Sara Dehm

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)


Sara researches and writes in the areas of international law and institutions, migration governance, development finance, and legal theory. Her research interests also include questions of international responsibility and accountability, refugee law and popular uses of international law (in particular, people's tribunals). Sara is currently completing her PhD thesis, entitled 'Ordering International Migration: Migrant Labour, Development and the Institutional Rationalities of Mobility'. Her thesis examines the creation and rationalisation of international migration administration in the post-WWII period, with a particular focus on how international institutions have promoted and shaped 'migration and development' programs.


Melbourne Law Masters

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Associate, Australian Human Rights Centre, UNSW
  • Steering Committee Member, Emerging Scholars Network, Kaldor Centre for Refugee Law, UNSW
  • Junior Faculty (2015) and Alumnus, Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard University
  • Member, Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law
  • Member, Law, Literature and the Humanities Association
  • Member, International Law and Politics Collaborative Research Network, Law and Society Association
  • Co-Convenor (with Professor Philomena Murray), Academics for Refugees