Dr Shane Chalmers

  • Shane Chalmers

Fellow (The Melbourne JD)


Shane is a Fellow in Melbourne Law School and a Visiting Fellow in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) at The Australian National University, where he also completed his PhD (2016).

Shane's doctoral project, titled “Liberia and the Rule of Law”, combined an historical study of the colonial origins and making of Liberia with an empirical study of the everyday life of law in Liberia and law’s role in remaking the nation-state post-war. The research has been published in "Law and Critique", "Law, Culture, and the Humanities", "Humanity", "Law and Literature", "Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law", as well as a forthcoming edited collection on "Law and the Visual" (University of Toronto Press), and a monograph on "Liberia and the Logics of Law".

Shane's current research explores three interrelated areas: (1) the cultural life of the rule of law; (2) law and the economy of appearances; and (3) the logic of capital and the forms of law.

Shane is currently teaching a stream in Legal Theory within the Melbourne JD.


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