IFA Branch Meetings

The Tax Group hosts meetings of the International Fiscal Association (Australian branch) in Melbourne, at which presentations are given by international tax scholars and professionals.


  • On 25 July 2016 the Melbourne Law School and IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar given by Mr Malcolm Gammie QC, a former tax partner at the city law firm Linklaters. The topic was "New Developments in UK International Tax: A Never Ending Story". He moved to the Bar in 1997 and took silk in 2002. His practice covers most aspects of UK commercial, EC and international taxation. He is a professor at Leiden University in The Netherlands and a visiting professor at the London School of Economics. He has taught UK international tax at Sydney University Law School since 2000. He sits part time as a tax tribunal judge.


  • On 30 July 2014 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar given by Professor Flavio Rubinstein on "A BRICS Response to BEPS: The View from Brazil on International Tax Reform".
  • On 28 May 2014 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar given by Mr Ethan Yale on "U.S. Cross-border Dividend Tax Withholding: Abuse and Countermeasures ".


  • On 31 October 2013 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar given by Professor Brian Arnold on "Recent Tax Treaty Developments: Thin Capitalisation, Abuse and UN Work on Services".
  • On 16 September 2013 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar at KPMG given by Mr Malcolm Gammie CBE QC on "UK Responses to BEPS".
  • On 15 August 2013 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar at KPMG given by Mr Greg Wood and Ms Lyn Redman on "Tax Treaty Developments".
  • On 31 July 2013 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted the Annual Young IFA Network event held at Clayton Utz. Melbourne based young practitioners Ms Lillian Hong (KPMG) and Mr Craig Boyle (Clayton Utz) joined Professor David Rosenbloom (New York University) and Associate Professor Wei Cui (China University of Political Science and Law) to discuss the topic "Cross-Border Tax and Investment Issues for an Australia-China-US Transaction".
  • On 22 April 2013 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a panel event presented by Mr Terry Murphy SC, Mr Piotr Klank and Dr Michael Littlewood on the topic "The Evolution of Tax Havens, Exchange of Information and Tax Treaties.
  • On 26 March 2013 IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar given by Professor Michael Tumpel from the University of Linz (Austria) on "European Financial Transaction Tax: How are Australian Financial Institutions Affected".


  • On 27 November 2012, a panel event was held at KPMG to discuss "Recent Developments in Tax Treaty Interpretation and Transfer Pricing".
  • On 30 July 2012 Professor Yariv Brauner presented a seminar on "Transfer pricing and permanent establishment - Recent US Cases and Developments".
  • On 6 June 2012, IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar at KPMG given by Professor Alan Schenk on "Proposals in a Presidential Election Year for a Consumption-Based U.S. Tax System: Will the U.S. become a Tax Haven Country?".
  • On 12 April 2012, IFA Australia (Melbourne) hosted a seminar given by Dr Peter Harris from the University of Cambridge on "The Future of Controlled Foreign Corporation Rules".


  • On 29 November 2011, Dr Niv Tadmore and Mr Simon Bowden from Clayton Utz in Melbourne, presented a seminar on "Practical Issues to Eliminate Double Taxation of Business Income".
  • On 20 October 2011, a panel discussion on "Tax Treaties" was held at the Melbourne Law School. This event is part of the Young IFA Network, an initiative of the International Fiscal Association aimed at increasing the participation of younger (under 40) professionals in international tax. This is the first Young IFA Network event in Australia. The panel members were: Sunita Jogarajan - Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Law School, Paul Heginbothom - Policy Analyst, Department of Treasury, Chloe Burnett - Barrister, NSW Bar.
  • On 31 August 2011, Associate Professor Wei Cui from China University of Political Science and Law presented a seminar on "Chinese International Tax and Treaty Policy.
  • On 27 July 2011, Associate Professor Mike Kobetsky from the Melbourne Law School presented a seminar on "Transfer Pricing - SNF case".
  • On 5 April 2011, Neil Motteram and Lyn Redman from the Australian Treasury presented a seminar on "Australian Tax Treaty Policy and Developments".
  • On 24 February 2011, Professor Brian Arnold from the Canadian Tax Foundation, presented a seminar on "Cleaning Up the Mess: The Taxation of Services under Tax Treaties".


  • On 12 August 2010, a panel discussion was held to discuss the topic "Australia's Tax Information Exchange Treaties, progress and problems: Where to now?"
  • On 4 August 2010, Professor Stafford Smiley of Georgetown Law Centre, Washington DC will present a seminar on "US International Tax Developments: Issues of cross-border tax enforcement and information exchange".
  • On 22 April 2010, the Hon. Justice Ian Vitaly Gzell of the Supreme Court of New South Wales presented a seminar held at KPMG on the topic "Recent Decisions in relation to Trusts and Administration".
  • On 23 March 2010, Professor Kees van Raad from University of Leiden, Netherlands spoke on the topic "Dual Resident Companies under Tax Treaties".
  • On 8 February 2010, Professor Pasquale Pistone from Vienna University of Economics and Business presented a seminar on the topic "Arbitration in international tax disputes".


  • On 26 October 2009, Professor Brian Arnold from Goodmans LLP in Toronto presented a seminar on the topic "Treaty Interpretation".
  • On 21 October 2009, the Hon. Justice Michelle Gordon of the Federal Court of Australia presented a seminar on the IFA Tax Jurists Conference held recently.
  • On 3 June 2009, Mr Tony Frost of Greenwoods and Freehills spoke on the topic 'Foreign Exchange Issues in International Taxation'.
  • The Melbourne Branch of the International Fiscal Association hosted their first IFA seminar of 2009, given by Mr Jock McCormack on Monday 30 March 2009. Jock is the Australian Reporter to the IFA Congress 2009, and he spoke on the topic of permanent establishments which is the subject of his report.


  • On 25 September 2008, Mr Casey Plunkett, Partner at Chapman Tripp in New Zealand, gave a presentation on "Recent New Zealand International Tax Reforms".
  • On 12 June 2008, Professor Reuven Avi-Yonah, Director of the International Tax LLM Program at the University of Michigan Law School gave a presentation on "Tax Competition, Tax Arbitrage and the International Tax Regime".


  • On 24 July 2007, Dr H David Rosenbloom, Distinguished Professor, New York University, spoke at a lunchtime meeting co-hosted by the Victorian Tax Bar on "Transfer pricing/cost sharing and US practice".
  • On 12 June 2007, Professor Lee Burns of the University of Sydney gave a presentation on "Harmonisation of the Anti-deferral Regimes and the Board of Taxation Discussion Paper."
  • On 22 May 2007, Professor Malcolm Gammie QC spoke on "A UK perspective on international tax before the ECJ- Process and Outcomes" at an IFA meeting jointly hosted by the Tax Bar Association.  Professor Gammie also addressed an IFA branch meeting in Sydney on 24 May 2007, on the topic "Investment in Land in the UK and in UK REITs".


  • In September 2006, Assistant Commissioner (International Relations) at the ATO, Graham Whyte, addressed the branch meeting on Australia's new international tax treaties on exchange of information with tax havens.
  • In November 2006, Professor Tim Edgar from the University of Western Ontario , Canada, presented on the Canadian general tax anti-avoidance rule and recent Canadian Supreme Court decisions.


  • In August 2005, Professor David Rosenbloom (New York University) spoke about the US view of transfer pricing.
  • In March 2005, Professor Kees van Raad of Leuven University, Belgium, presented on the topic "Is the European Court of Justice destroying international income tax systems in Europe?"


  • In October 2004, a speech on tax treaties and tax avoidance was given by Professor Brian Arnold, University of Western Ontario, Canada.
  • In August 2004, Dan Shaviro, Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation at New York University, delivered a presentation on tax arbitrage.