CLEN Discussion Group: How scientific is Antitrust?


CLEN Discussion Group: How scientific is Antitrust?

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In this Discussion Group, Professor Michael Jacobs will present 'How scientific is Antitrust?'.

Fifty years ago, decrying the state of Antitrust analysis as an essentially political exercise, Robert Bork observed thet most antitrust commentators of the day were "playing tennis with the net down", engaged in a game that had no rules and whose outcomes were at best whimsical and at worst anti-consumer. A lot has changed in the past fifty years. Economics has overtaken antitrust analysis, and given it a purpose and a logic that it lacked in Bork's day. But despite the clear progress brought to it by the use of economics, Antitrust remains, in important ways, a political exercise: indeterminate, uninformed, and uncertain of its footing. If it's not exactly a case of "plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose", it bears a surprisingly close resemblance to one.


  • Professor Michael Jacobs
    Professor Michael Jacobs, DePaul University