PhD Completion Seminar by Treasa Dunworth


Level 9, Room 920
185 Pelham Street


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T: 9035 4078

Under the supervision of Professors Tim McCormack and Tania Voon, Treasa will present her thesis titled 'Humanitarian Disarmament: an historical and critical enquiry'.

Thesis Abstract

I argue that the humanitarian framing of disarmament is not a novel development, but is a re-emergence of an older sensibility of humanitarianism in disarmament discourse. The longer view allows a better understanding of the dynamics and politics inherent in “humanitarian disarmament”. Further, it reveals that there were several other disarmament discourses raised as possibilities in past decades, including human rights, human security and democracy. I argue that while humanitarianism has been an important feature of disarmament discourse historically, and remains so today, it does not have the radical potential that these other, neglected discourses, offer.


  • Ms Treasa Dunworth
    Ms Treasa Dunworth, PhD Candidate