Deep Linking Information

Following is a selection of databases with information on how to deep link to content in the database.

Database Possible to deep link? Notes
BNA Yes When you have accessed a document in BNA, select the 'Share' button and this will produce a URL to the document. 

There are two options for deep linking to CCH content:

1. Deep linking to a document in CCH (e.g. a specific chapter of a commentary service)  
2. Deep linking to a menu item (e.g. linking to one of the listed practice areas on the left hand menu or a subsection with in the menu)  

Linking to a document: 
Once you have accessed the document in CCH, select the link 'Save/Email' and then select the option 'Save link to document'.  A pop up box will appear with the link information which you can copy. 

Linking to a menu item: 
Tick the checkbox next to the menu item you want to link to and then select the icon that looks like a chain, this is the 'Save links to content' option.  A pop up box will appear with the URL information. Follow the prompts to copy this link.

Hein Online  Yes Selecting the option that looks like a chain. This will produce a permanent link to the page which you can copy. 
ICLRYesOnce you have accessed a case, select the PDF option (at the top). This will open a PDF version of the case in a new web browser window. Copy the URL from this browser's address bar.  
Justis Yes Use the URL from the browser
Kluwer  Yes Use the URL from the browser. No No permanent deep link icon, and you cannot use the URL from the browser as it does not generate an individual URL for each page.
LexisNexis Academic Yes (most pages) - You can get deep links for some journal titles: when looking at the list of journals, if there is a 'browse' link to the right of the journal title, you can right click on the link for a new window and copy the link.
- You can get permanent links for items at the individual document level (eg Journal article), by browsing to the document, and clicking on the permanent link icon.
LexisNexis AU Yes (most pages) You can link to tables of contents, search forms, case titles, articles and chapters of Halsbury's using the LexisNexis deep linking tool. Some top level pages also have a permanent deep link icon.
Timebase Yes Use the URL from the browser.
Westlaw International No Prompts you for log in username and password, doesn't work with proxy.
Westlaw AU YesYou can deep link to a set of results or documents in Westlaw AU. Select the 'Get link' option (the icon is a chain). A pop up box will appear with the URL information. NB: it is not possible to hyperlink to University of Melbourne Westlaw AU content in Microsoft Office documents (e.g. Word and Excel). If you need to link users to Westlaw AU content from a Microsoft document it is recommended that you include the link as text (rather than a hyperlink or text embedded with a link). Westlaw AU generates long links and it is recommended that you use a URL shortener if you need to link to Westlaw AU content in a Microsoft Office document.
Westlaw UKYesNavigate to the section/document you want to deep link to. In the top right hand corner of the screen select the 'Build link' option (the icon looks like a chain). A pop up box will appear with a number of authentication options. Select the option 'IP Authentication' and add the sponsor code auunimelb-1. This will generate a deep link with the correct authentication information.