University of Oxford BCL or MLF

University of Oxford Bachelor of Civil Law

Many legal practitioners and academics regard the BCL as the best masters-level qualification in the common law world. It is taught by outstanding scholars through a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials.

Oxford prides itself on offering BCL students closer contact and interaction with its scholars than is offered by any other masters program in the world.

For more information, please refer to Oxford Law Faculty BCL.

University of Oxford MSc in Law and Finance

The MSc in Law and Finance is a degree offering from Oxford, that marries the expertise of the Law Faculty with the financial and commercial acumen of the Said Business School in Oxford. It explores the important theoretical and practical issues at the intersection of law, finance and economics.

It is an ideal masters degree for any graduate seeking to develop their career as a practitioner in corporate law and finance, investment banking, financial regulation or academic corporate law and finance.

For more information, please refer to Oxford Law Faculty MLF.

Application and Partnership Overview

Melbourne JD students apply during the fourth semester (second semester of second year) to study the BCL or MLF for commencement of the program in early September the following year.

Application dates for the Oxford BCL/MLF degrees can be found via Oxford Law Faculty.

Applicants will be assessed on four semesters of academic results in the Melbourne JD.

Students apply through the same admissions procedure as any other applicants for the BCL or MLF degrees. There is no ceiling on the number of students accepted each academic year, but students must have an H1 or very good H2A average to be competitive.

Please note in Oxford’s application form your intention to complete the MLF/BCL as part of the JD Dual Degree program. This should be mentioned in both the CV and the personal statement.

Study Duration

The JD combined with either the BCL or MLF programs amount to three and a half academic years; two and a half years at Melbourne Law School, and one year at Oxford University.

You must complete 21 Melbourne Law School subjects including 17 compulsories (to meet Australian professional qualification requirements) and four electives prior to commencing the BCL or MLF.

You will remain enrolled at Melbourne Law School during the sixth semester of the JD. During this time you will be enrolled into a generic 37.5 credit point (three subjects) generic placeholder subject which is equivalent to the number of subjects that will be credited on completion of your studies at Oxford.

Successful completion of the BCL or MLF at Oxford will normally be accepted by Melbourne Law School in substitution of the final (sixth) semester of the JD degree at MLS. Students are granted advanced standing (credit) for the equivalent of three x 12.5 credit JD subjects. The final three subjects required to take out the JD degree are cross-credited after you have completed the BCL or MLF.

Students enrolled in the BCL or MLF undertake their studies in Oxford from approximately mid September to mid July of their third year of studies at Melbourne Law School. For exact dates please consult the Oxford academic calendar.

Please note that Oxford's subjects are year-long and as such students will not complete their JD until they have successfully completed their BCL or MLF around June each year.

Students must organise to have an Oxford transcript sent to the Melbourne Law School after completion of studies in order to receive advanced standing for studies at Oxford. Oxford will not automatically send a transcript back to Melbourne Law School.

Study Costs

Students are liable for all tuition, travel and living expenses associated with the BCL and MLF. You should investigate the costs associated with the program from the outset to ensure that you can afford to study and live in Oxford. A good place to start is the University of Oxford Fees and Funding.

If you are accepted and enrolled into the University of Oxford Law School you do not pay tuition fees for the final three Melbourne Law School subjects to complete your JD. The fees for these three subjects are waived due to your participation in the Degree Partnership program.

Students are responsible for arranging visas and accommodation. Accommodation is usually offered by the your admitting Oxford College but can also be arranged privately.


Oxford offers a wide range of scholarships for which you may be eligible.

By completing the Online Mobility Registration and Travel Grant Application you are automatically considered for the Melbourne Global Scholars Award (administered by Melbourne Global Mobility).

If you receive Centrelink benefits (Youth Allowance, Abstudy or Austudy) you are potentially able to continue receiving them while overseas but still enrolled at Melbourne Law School.

Melbourne Law School also has some limited funding available for students to apply for to assist with their living expenses overseas.

For other financial advice and planning advice please visit the University Financial Aid Office.

If you have any questions please consult the Law School's Graduate Services Coordinator (International Experience) via


If your application is successful before you depart for Oxford you MUST complete the University of Melbourne online registration form. Registration via this form will ensure that we have a record of your overseas student status and that you are considered for available Melbourne Global Scholars Awards.

You are also required to complete the Melbourne Global Mobility Pre-Departure Orientation Video and Quiz.

Original Transcripts and Final Rankings

After the final results for your BCL/MLF have been released (traditionally in July) you must request that a transcript be sent to the Graduate Services Coordinator (International Experience) at Melbourne Law School. After MLS receives the transcript showing completion of the BCL/MLF the Coordinator will award credit towards your JD from your studies at the Oxford.

You can only be included in final rankings once you have completed your JD. The rankings are usually completed in April; as such you will normally be included in the final ranking for the cohort the year after you complete the degree partnership. Most students who undertake a Dual Degree Program will not be able to attend the Melbourne Law School graduation ceremony that occurs directly after the completion of their overseas program. This is because most of our partner institutions are located in the Northern Hemisphere and have different academic years to that of the University of Melbourne. As a consequence, your results from this overseas study are generally not available to us in the appropriate timeframes for inclusion in the next graduation ceremony. The Law School therefore advises you not to make any plans to attend a graduation ceremony until you have received an invitation from the University Graduations Office.

Further Information

For initial enquiries please contact the Graduate Services Coordinator (International Experience) via or book an appointment. The Graduate Services Coordinator is able to refer you on for academic advice if required.

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