Graduate Access Melbourne

Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM) supports applicants whose circumstances have adversely affected their academic achievement during tertiary study, or recognises an applicant's membership of a group of people known to be under-represented in higher education. To be eligible, applicants must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident, or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa.

A GAM application may substantially increase:

  • Your chances of being accepted into the JD
  • Your chances of securing a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or a Fee place with a JD Bursary

Successful GAM applicants will be automatically considered for relevant JD commencing student scholarships and GAM Bursaries.

GAM applicants for the Melbourne JD will be assessed on their academic results in all previous tertiary study and the score in the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in light of the circumstances outlined in their GAM application. Applicants should explain how their circumstances have caused disadvantage in their tertiary studies and provide relevant or official documentation to back up their claim.

Applicants should prepare their GAM applications as early as possible as GAM applications and all supporting documentation must be uploaded at the same time as their JD application. Strict application dates apply.

How to apply

  • Complete a GAM application form, including any supporting documentation (see table below)
  • Upload your GAM application when you apply for the Melbourne JD. If you are unable to upload your application, indicate that you will be submitting a 'hard copy' and email it to – please include your six digit username (or student ID if you are a current University of Melbourne student).

You can apply under one or more categories if the description matches your circumstances.


Supporting documentation

Recognition as an Indigenous Australian

No documentation is required but your status will be verified by staff from Murrup Barak, the Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development.

Previous status as a refugee or current holder of a humanitarian visa

You must provide:

  • A certified copy of your Australian temporary protection visa and a certified copy of your passport photograph page;
  • Or a certified copy of your permanent humanitarian visa and a certified copy of your passport photograph page.

Rural or isolated background

You will need to provide documentary evidence that you lived in a rural area which can include:

  • School reports
  • Transcripts from a regional university
  • Supporting letters from a school, university or workplace (signed originals on letterhead)
  • Other documents to prove residence such as invoices for telephone, rates, utilities, or bank statements showing your (or your family's) address.

Disadvantaged socio-economic circumstances

Documentation required:

  • You must complete the disadvantaged socioeconomic circumstances – supplementary form
  • A statement explaining financial hardship you have suffered and your financial need
  • A supporting statement from a relevant independent third party such as an accountant or financial counsellor, and any other supporting documentation that provides evidence of your financial need, for example, family receipt of Centrelink payments, receipt of Family Tax benefit Part A and Part B.

Disability or chronic medical condition

You must provide:

  • An impact statement
  • A statement of support from the relevant health care professional involved in the care/maintenance of the condition.

Personal difficulties

You must provide:

  • An impact statement
  • A statement of support that outlines the details of the personal difficulties. The statement of support must be completed by a responsible independent source (who is not related to you) with knowledge of your personal difficulties. Examples of suitable sources may include: doctor, lawyer, accountant, social worker, counsellor, religious or community leader, teacher.

If you would like to discuss your GAM application further, please contact the Admissions Team via or call +61 3 8344 6190.

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