Environmental Law

The Master of Environmental Law is an exciting opportunity for students to specialise in current and emerging legal issues and sustainability practices, which are significant internationally, commercially and philosophically.

The specialisation in environmental law provides students with expertise in a dynamic area of law that will continue to grow in importance. The course is of particular relevance to people working in environmental and resources sectors, professionals in government, legal practitioners and those with a broader philosophical or practical interest. The subjects are particularly directed at emerging national and international legal issues and practices, such as in clean technology, water law, climate change law and the management of land subject to native title and other public land. Other areas of focus include environmental rights, international environmental law, law of the sea and international resources law.

Environmental law is such a burgeoning area of science, law and politics that I have no doubt that this specialist masters degree will be highly valued in the workplace. I can tailor subjects according to whether I want a career in Australia or an international career. Linda Hansen, Master of Environmental Law

Environmental Law study options

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