International Economic Law

This is an increasingly important niche area of international law in which Melbourne Law School has exceptional strengths. The international economic law subjects attract students from all over the world.

The specialisation in international economic law incorporates a diverse mix of subjects devoted to this important field of practice and study. It focuses on interdisciplinary analysis, and is ideal for legal practitioners as well as governmental representatives, development specialists, economists and others working in the field. The program examines the laws governing economic relations between countries, domestic government regulation, private international transactions and international regulation between countries, with a focus on international investment law and the law of the World Trade Organization.

Looking back to my time at Melbourne Law School, I consider myself very fortunate as I was given an invaluable opportunity to learn from leading scholars who are highly respected in the field of international economic law. I was also lucky enough to study among passionate students from all over the world who have not only encouraged me to focus on my study but also have enlightened me with priceless life lessons. Seong-Jae Sean Lee, Master of Laws

International Economic Law study options

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