Public and International Law

It is no longer possible to understand either domestic or international public law in isolation from each other. This program draws on the Law School’s extraordinary strengths in both areas to provide a deep and integrated understanding of this critical branch of law.

The specialisation in public and international law brings together constitutional, administrative and public international law in recognition of the increasing interdependence of international and domestic law. An extraordinary range of subjects across the entire field of public law offers students access to the latest developments in theory and practice in Australia and elsewhere. The program will appeal both to practitioners and to scholars with backgrounds or interests in government, international institutions, not-for-profit organisations, business/government relations and international development. Students may specialise in international law, Australian public law or comparative public law, or may choose a range of subjects from across different areas to suit their own interests and needs.

Melbourne Law School has an outstanding reputation, both within Australia and internationally. This reputational strength is built on Melbourne Law School's exacting standards, and means that my Masters qualification is highly regarded by prospective employers. Dr Wendy O'Brien, Master of Public and International Law

Public and International Law study options

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