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Postcards from Placement

Our Legal Internship subject allows JD students to undertake vocational placements at a variety of public interest organisations in Melbourne and beyond for subject credit.

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Meng Yao

MLS News – November 2018

In this issue of MLS News, our Director of Studies for the Sports Law Program, Professor Jack Anderson, analyses the sport scandals of 2018, reflecting on the legal lessons learned both on and off the field. We also feature alumni working in the field of disaster law, learn from experts about the impact of online streaming on the Australian film industry, and consider the role of construction law in shaping our future cities.

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Jack Anderson

Institutions in International Law

JD student Tim Tabalujan reflects on his experience in Institutions in International Law, a two-week study intensive in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Students in Geneva

Experience the law in Augmented Reality

The law impacts our everyday lives in ways we don't always expect. But as technology continues to evolve, how should the law adapt? Experience the law in Augmented Reality and explore the ways in which knowledge, innovation and the law interact to shape our future cities and environment.

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