Limitations on Judicial Review – Where To From Here?

Free Public Lecture

Limitations on Judicial Review – Where To From Here?

Courtroom 8A, Level 8
Federal Court Of Australia
305 William Street, Melbourne


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Judges In Conversation Series

The often tense relationship between the judiciary and the executive that plays out when the courts exercise their supervisory jurisdiction over administrative action is frequently framed by legislative attempts to limit the scope or even possibility of that supervisory function. 'Privative' or 'ouster' clauses are the paradigm case of such legislative attempts, but are increasingly just one among a number of devices that might operate to restrict the scope of judicial review. Conditions of contemporary government and politics increasingly also raise questions about the scope of judicial review of executive or 'prerogative' power exercised without any statutory foundation.

In this 'Judges in Conversation' event, Justice Debbie Mortimer (Federal Court of Australia) will engage Professor David Feldman (University of Cambridge) in a conversation about these and other developments with a view to assessing the present and future state of judicial review in both Australia and the United Kingdom. This timely conversation will provide insights into latest developments in both countries, including crucial questions about the possibilities and limits of judicial responses to unfolding events associated with Brexit in the United Kingdom.


  • The Honourable Justice Debbie  Mortimer
  • Professor David Feldman
    Professor David Feldman, Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of English Law