Indigenous Community Pilot Program

The Indigenous Community Pilot Program was established in 2017 to support Indigenous law school students’ success. The program assists students with exploring their indigeneity in the context of the law school (both physical spaces and scholarly experience) and supports them as they prepare for practice in the Australian legal community.

The program intends to ensure that Indigenous students are pedagogically supported through faculty consultation, specialist guidance and professional support.

The pilot program objectives are being fulfilled through the establishment of initiatives in three vital areas:

Community: Providing support with study community meetings with Indigenous students, establishing strong relationships with Murrup Barak and strengthening partnerships with Indigenous and legal organisations.

Academic: Development of study materials, adaptation of pedagogy, professional guidance and support to enable students to explore their Indigeneity in a legal context. Research, bespoke support and academic guidance to enhance student belonging, academic success and the law school’s responsiveness to contested spaces.

Organisation and Planning: Development of information for new student recruitment, removing barriers to enrolment and learning, developing cultural awareness within the law school, and appropriate University of Melbourne academic guidance, pedagogy, and assessment planning.


Bree Williams

Research Fellow, LASC and Indigenous Community Program
Joined LASC, January 2017. Doctor Juridical Science Candidate (Monash), research area: Clear Legal Writing Education in Australia. Previous roles include Knowledge Support Lawyer, Maurice Blackburn, Professional Support Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid.

Dr Chantal Morton

Senior Lecturer
Director of Teaching and Director Legal Academic Skills Centre (LASC)
Pilot Program Manager.

Dr Olivia Barr

Senior Lecturer
Academic Liaison for the Indigenous Studies Program