Dr Aitor Jiménez Gonzalez

  • Dr Aitor Jiménez Gonzalez

    ARC CoE Automated Decision-Making and Society



Aitor Jiménez is a sociologist, lawyer and activist. He joined the ADM+S Centre in May 2021 as Postdoctoral research fellow in Data Civics, Rights and Ownership for Automated Decision-Making, at The University of Melbourne. Previously, Aitor had the opportunity to work as a policy and legal analyst for progressive causes in Latin America and Europe. He has also worked as a Human Rights lawyer defending cases of leftist activists and artists before the Spanish National Court. Aitor often writes in press and media and collaborates with a range of civil society organisations interested in the development of forward-thinking alternatives for our digital futures. Aitor is currently providing advise to progressive political parties in Spain on the regulation of fake news, public opinion, and the digital public sphere. He is also collaborating with a European think-tank on the analysis of digital capitalism’s political economy.

His previous doctoral research titled ‘The Silicon Doctrine’ analysed the legal-political ideology underpinning digital capitalism. There, Aitor explored the relation of law, code and capital, the rapid expansion of ADM and the alternatives to digital capitalism. Some of these findings may be found in academic journals and collective works.

His research project at the centre -‘Data Metropolis’- will analyse ongoing discussions, debates and developments on data governance, AI and automation in three countries, Australia (Melbourne), the United States (New York) and Spain (Barcelona). The aim is to map and analyse the opinions, thoughts and strategies of those shaping the algorithmic transformation of relevant metropolises.

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