Dr Boyd van Dijk

  • Dr Boyd van Dijk

    McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow


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Boyd van Dijk is a McKenzie Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He taught previously at the London School of Economics, King's College London, Queen Mary, and the University of Amsterdam. He studied Political Science and History in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Florence, and at Columbia University. He was shortlisted for the IISG-Volkskrant Thesis Award and received the Erik Hazelhoff Young Talent Award. He has published a monograph, articles, and essays for Humanity, American Journal of International Law, Journal of the History of Ideas, Law and History Review, Yad Vashem Studies, Past & Present, as well as Dutch magazines and newspapers. He is currently preparing a book manuscript that uses a comparative lens to understand the making of the 1949 Geneva Conventions (Oxford University Press).