Brendan Clift


Brendan Clift is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Media and Communications Law at Melbourne Law School. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne and holds an arts/law double degree from Macquarie University and master’s degrees in law and journalism from the University of Hong Kong. He is admitted to legal practice in NSW and worked in law, publishing and the media prior to joining academia.

Brendan’s research currently focuses on law in Hong Kong, particularly the rule of law under authoritarianism, and aspects of media law. He has also published and taught in other areas including torts, criminal law and intellectual property, in both Australia and Hong Kong. He is a frequent contributor to major works including Halsbury’s Laws and a co-author of Australian Media Law: 6th edition (2021).



Memberships and Affiliations

General Editor, Media & Arts Law Review
Member, Asian Studies Association of Australia
Asia Fellow, American Political Science Association