Craig Richards

  • Craig Richards

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)
Chief Executive Officer, Bicycle Network


Craig leads an amazing team of people who are striving to make the world better. Exercise is a key ingredient to a long, happy life. So Bicycle Network gets people riding bikes.

His role is to provide direction, get the best out of the team and make sure everyone is on track. In October he stepped up to be CEO Craig says the title means nothing unless he inspires them to do things they didn't think they could.

Craig sums up how he feels about his job with this quote, 'To love what you do and feel that it matters, how can anything else be more fun.'

He was the General Manager Commercial Operations of the Carlton Football Club in the Australian Football League and the Brisbane Boncos of the National Rugby League. He was a practicing lawyer for nine years specialising in intellectual property, litigation and media.

Craig is a former board member of Sponsorship Australasia and the author of Structuring Effective Sponsorships, Write Right: Business Documents Made Easy and the Sponsorship Solutions Top 40.