Ms Fiona Rotstein

  • Ms Fiona Rotstein



Fiona Rotstein has worked as a solicitor and academic specialising in the field of intellectual property law for over 10 years. Fiona gained a Master of Laws degree from the University of Melbourne and is a registered Trade Mark Attorney. She is admitted to practice in Victoria and the High and Federal Courts of Australia.

Previously, Fiona was employed as a Law Research Fellow at the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia (IPRIA) for four years. She was also appointed Subject Coordinator and Lecturer of ‘Media Law’, and Subject Coordinator and Subject Co-Designer of the Law breadth subject, ‘Owning Ideas: Creation, Innovation and Law’.

Fiona has presented at various international conferences and provided several seminars in the area of intellectual property law. She has been commissioned to provide reports to clients such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, Medicines Australia, IP Australia, and the State Government of Victoria. Fiona’s work has been reproduced by the Australian Advisory Council on Intellectual Property, the European Policy for Intellectual Property Association, and the New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law.

Fiona has appeared on the ABC2 television show ‘Business Today’ and has published articles in a number of international and national intellectual property law journals, including ‘European Intellectual Property Review’, ‘Journal of World Intellectual Property’, ‘Media & Arts Law Review’, ‘Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice’ and ‘University of New South Wales Law Journal’.


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