Mr Joel Tito

  • Mr Joel Tito



Joel teaches Legal Language at the Melbourne Law School. His research interests are in legal philosophy and public law with a particular focus on the impact of artificial intelligence on the legal reasoning process.

Prior to joining the Melbourne Law School, Joel spent three years in London leading the Centre for Public Impact's research on AI and the Future of Government. During this time he published and spoke at several international conferences about the way in which intelligent machines may change existing legal processes. He has previously worked as the Senior Associate to the Honourable Justice Emerton at the Supreme Court of Victoria as well as for the Boston Consulting Group, where he advised a number of public and private sector clients on large scale automation projects.

Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Bachelor of Arts (Combined Hons – Philosophy & Political Science) and Diploma of Modern Languages (Japanese) from the University of Melbourne. He received the Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award to undertake studies at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo where he focused on the philosophical basis of nonhuman animal rights. He is working on an article on this topic with Dr Jane Kotzmann.

Joel is currently a Principal Legal Policy Officer at the Department of Justice and Community Safety where he is managing the government’s response to offenders with complex needs and developing a policy to increase the use of therapeutic jurisprudence in Victorian courts.