Professor John Daley AM

Professorial Fellow

EY Port Jackson Partners


Professor John Daley is one of Australia’s leading public policy thinkers. He was the inaugural Chief Executive of the Grattan Institute for its first 11 years, where he published leading reports on institutional reform, trust in government, government priorities, budget policy, tax reform, intergenerational equity, retirement incomes and housing affordability. His recent report, Gridlock: Removing the barriers to policy reform, has been hailed as a landmark analysis of how Australia’s institutions affect the prospects of policy reform.

John is a partner at EY Port Jackson Partners, and the Chair of the Australian National Academy of Music. He graduated from the University of Melbourne Law School in 1990, and completed a D Phil in public law at the University of Oxford in 1999. He has also worked at the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, and at McKinsey and Co, and was a senior executive at ANZ Bank.