Associate Professor Martin Vranken

  • Associate Professor Martin Vranken

Associate Professor and Reader

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Dr Martin N.A. Vranken is an Associate Professor and Reader in law. He has been educated in the legal families of the (European) civil law and the common law. He holds a PhD from the University of Leuven and an LLM from Yale University. Prior to joining the law faculty at the University of Melbourne in 1991, he worked and taught in Belgium and New Zealand. Martin Vranken has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge (Wolfson Hall) and York University (Osgoode Hall Law School). He has been a Visiting Professor and taught in Belgium (Leuven), the USA (Washington & Lee University; Louisiana State University; University of Virginia) and Singapore (NUS). He has published widely, both in Dutch and English, in the areas of European and comparative law. Recent book publications include Death of Labour Law (Melbourne University Press, 2009), Fundamentals of European Civil Law (Federation Press, Sydney, 2010, 2nd ed), Breach of Confidence. Social Origins and Modern Developments (with Richardson, Bryan and Barnett; Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2012) and Western Legal Traditions (Federation Press, Sydney, 2015). In the past decade he has been a regular contributor to the Comparative Law Journal of the Pacific/Journal de droit compare du pacifique. His latest piece reviews labour law reform in France under President Emmanuel Macron: Vranken, M, Labour Law Reform in France: the Macron Effect, (2018) 24 Comparative Law Journal of the Pacific 1-14.


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