Professor Michael Karayanni

  • Professor Michael Karayanni

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Michael Karayanni is the Bruce W Wayne Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Academic Director of the Center of the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity. He was the director of the Harry and Michael Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law and the Minerva Center for Human Rights. He held visiting positions at Georgetown Law Center, Stanford Law School, Yale Law School and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. His research interests are in private international law and inter-religious law, multiculturalism and civil procedure. Among his most recent publications is Conflicts in Conflict, A Conflict of Laws Case Study of Israel and the Palestinian Territories (Oxford University Press, 2014). He holds a SJD degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a PhD degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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