MLS JD students get a taste of start-up law

JD students enrolled in the MLS elective subject Start-Up Law have been given a front-row seat to pitches from the Melbourne Accelerator Project (MAP) start-up finalists.

The recently-introduced elective subject Start-Up Law provides JD students with the skills to advise start-up companies on the legal issues they are likely to face in their formative years.

Taught by experienced commercial technology lawyer and start-up innovator Michael Pattison, Start-Up Law provided students a rare opportunity to apply their learning to real start-ups when finalists in the MAP program pitched their business ideas to the class in July.

MAP is a prestigious start-up accelerator and entrepreneurship program affiliated with the University of Melbourne. Each year the MAP Startup Accelerator funds a select group of start-ups and works with them to grow their businesses.

MLS JD students enrolled in Start-Up Law had the opportunity to hear the pitches from this year’s finalists, ask questions, offer critiques and draw connections between their learning in the classroom and the real world.

As students now prepare for their final assessment in the subject, they do so having developed specialist practical skills in advising start-ups.

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