ALLA Research Degree Scholarship

ALLA Reseach Degree Scholarship

The objective of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance for one or more students to present a paper at the national ALLA conference.


This scholarship is open to students enrolled in a research degree (such as a PhD or LLM by thesis, or similar) in an Australian or New Zealand University.


  • Is the applicant a member of ALLA? Preference is given to ALLA members.
  • Has the applicant submitted a paper proposal for the conference, and if so, has the proposal been accepted? Only applicants who have submitted a paper proposal and had it accepted are eligible for a scholarship.
  • What is the applicant’s degree program and institution? In what year did the applicant first enrol in the degree program?
  • Demonstrated financial need. What are the applicant’s costs of travel and attendance at the conference? Is the applicant employed and in what capacity (for example, how many hours in the past fortnight)? Is the applicant in receipt of some other form of scholarship (such as an Australian Postgraduate Award), and if so please provide details.
  • Has the applicant been a previous recipient of the ALLA scholarship? If so, in what year or years?


Scholarships will be decided by the ALLA National Executive, or its delegate.

The Prize: 

ALLA will pay the conference registration fees for the successful scholarship applicant or applicants, and for those not living in the city of the ALLA conference, a contribution towards airfares and/or accommodation may be offered, at the discretion of the ALLA National Executive, or its delegate.