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QLD State Chapter Seminar- Tuesday 29 August 2017

The QLD Chapter of the Australian Labour Law Association hosted: ‘ Tackling Australia's "Gangmasters": The Case for Labour Hire Licensing. The event will be presented by Professor Anthony Forsyth (Chair of the Victorian Government Inquiry into Labour Hire and Insecure Work).

Queensland Chapter Seminar - Thursday 28 August 2014

The Queensland State Chapter held a seminar on the topic "Perspectives from the Fair Work Ombudsman." The seminar was presented by Natalie James (The Fair Work Ombudsman).

Qld Chapter Seminar - 7 May 2013

Kirsten Way discussed "Legal Remedies for Workplace Bullying: How many layers do we need?" The complex and fragmented legal and policy landscape around workplace bullying has been evolving over the last 12 years, and now resembles an onion in its layering and potential for inducing tears. With the recommendations from the recent parliamentary enquiry into workplace bullying, and the proposed amendments to the Fair Work Act, there will be yet more remedies that complainants may pursue, bringing potential benefits, but also added complexity and challenge for both workers and employers. Kirsten is an Organisational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Certified Professional Ergonomist who specialises in how worker and group-level psychology can affect WHS.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 8 November 2012

Ian Neil SC discussed one aspect of the modern contract of employment: the evolution and development in Australia of an implied term of mutual trust and confidence into employment contracts. Ian is one of Australia's leading barristers in all aspects of employment, labour and commercial law. He took silk in 2006. He practices across Australia from chambers in Sydney and Perth.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 18 October 2012

The Queensland State Chapter held a seminar on Thursday 18 October. Professor Graeme Orr discussed "Ministerial Intervention in Labour Law."

QLD Chapter Seminar - 30 August 2012

The second Queensland Chapter seminar for 2012 was held on Thursday 30 August 2012 at the offices of Ashurst. Amanda Coulthard, member of the Queensland Bar, addressed the topic "Post-Employment Restraints: Principles and Trends."

QLD Chapter Seminar - 12 April 2012

The Queensland State Chapter held a seminar on Thursday 12 April 2012 at 5:45pm at the offices of Ashurst in Brisbane. Professor Andrew Stewart discussed Reforming the Fair Work Act: Prospects and Possibilities".

QLD Chapter Seminar - 6 October 2011

The third Qld State Chapter seminar for 2011 was held on Thursday 6 October at the offices of Blake Dawson. Professor Richard Johnstone spoke on "The model Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Precarious Workers". Professor Johnstone is Australia's leading scholar on occupational health and safety regulation.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 5 May 2011

The second Qld State Chapter seminar for 2011 was held on Thursday 5 May at 5:30pm, at the offices of Blake Dawson in Brisbane. Tim Hawks, Partner with the United States law firm Hawks Quindel, addressed the topic: "The Right to Collective Bargaining Under Fire: Experiences from the United States". His speech discussed the struggle to resist recent amendments which will result in a loss of bargaining rights, loss of revenues and the obligation to undergo annual elections to justify the right to represent workers. Tim has been heavily involved with the labour movement's efforts to resist these laws and is involved with a constitutional challenge before the United States Supreme Court.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 24 March 2011

The first Qld State Chapter seminar for 2011 was held on Thursday 24 March at 5:30pm for a 5:45pm start, at the offices of Blake Dawson in Brisbane. Barrister Max Spry addressed the topic: "Adverse Action: What the Full Court of the Federal Court has had to say" regarding the recent decision in Barclay v The Board of Bendigo Regional Institute of Technical and Further Education. He discussed how recent Federal Court judgments have interpreted the adverse actions provisions in the Fair Work Act, drawing from his personal experiences and the judgments in the Barclay andJones cases.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 7 October 2010

The QLD State Chapter held a seminar on Thursday 7 October 2010 at the offices of Blake Dawson on the topic 'Adverse Action: Principles and Trends', presented by Ms Geraldine Dann.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 6 August 2010

The QLD State Chapter held a seminar on Friday 6 August 2010 at the offices of Blake Dawson on the topic 'OHS Prosecutions in Australia: the High Court decision in Kirk and its aftermath', presented by Mr Neil Foster.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 26 November 2009

The QLD State Chapter held a seminar on 26 November,2009. Professor Joellen Riley (Professor of Labour Law at Sydney Law School, University of Sydney) discussed 'Mutual trust, good faith and fair dealing: fact or phantom?'

QLD Chapter Seminar - 22 October 2009

The Queensland State Chapter held a seminar on Thursday 22 October 2009. Michael Tamvakologos from Blake Daweson discussed 'Misleading and Deceptive Conduct in Employment: Issues and Remedies'.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 6 August 2009

The Queensland State Chapter held a seminar on Thursday 6 August 2009. Associate Professor Anthony Forsyth discussed 'Good Faith Bargaining Under the Fair Work Act: What Influence Will Overseas Law and Practice Have?'.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 7 August 2008

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Labour Law Association enjoyed a Seminar entitled'Award Modernisation' on Thursday 7 August at 5.30 pm. The Seminar was given by Professor Andrew Stewart, John Bray Professor of Law, University of Adelaide and Legal Consultant, Piper Alderman. ALLA would like to thank the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for generously providing the hearing room, glasses and napkins for the event.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 5 July 2007

The Queensland State Chapter held a Seminar on Thursday 5 July 2007. The Seminar was held at the offices of Carne Reidy Herd Lawyers, Level 10, 193 North Quay. Dr Iain Ross, Workplace Relations partner with Corrs Chambers Westgarth in Melbourne, presented on the topic 'What the Federal Election will mean for Industrial Relations'.

QLD Chapter Seminar - 18 March 2003

The Queensland Chapter of the Association held a seminar on 'Section 51 (XX) and Industrial Law: Will the Corporations Power Overpower the States?' with Mr Glenn Martin SC as the main speaker.

QLD Chapter Panel Discussion - 2002

The Queensland Chapter's held a Panel Discussion on the subject 'The Impact of Employee Entitlement Law'.

QLD Chapter Launch - 11 September 2001

The Queensland Chapter was officially launched. Guest Speakers The Honourable Arch Bevis MP (Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations) and Mr David Hall (President of the Industrial Relations Court of Queensland) spoke about the role of lawyers in industrial relations. Both speakers commended the formation of ALLA and its Queensland chapter. The launch was well attended by representatives from law firms, the Commission and unions.