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WA Chapter Seminar - Wednesday 17 August 2016

The WA State Chapter hosted Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations Annual Lecture 2016- Where to from here? Labour Regulation after the 2016 Election, presented by professor Andrew Stewart. In December 2015 the Productivity Commission released its much-anticipated review of the workplace relations framework. Far from being the blueprint for radical change that many had anticipated, it largely endorsed the objectives and design of the Fair Work regime – although it still proposed some important changes. Yet despite the report’s significance, only its section on penalty rates has prompted much discussion. In this lecture, Professor Andrew Stewart considered the likely impact of the report in both the short and longer term and the prospects for reform under the government elected at the July 2016 election, in light of their policy platform, their chances of working with the new Senate – and the possibility of new and as yet unrevealed proposals.

WA Chapter Seminar- 27 March 2015

The WA State Chapter held a seminar in association with the Law Society. Mr Nicholas Ellery chaired the meeting which included speakers such as the Hon Justice Anthony Siopis, The Hon Judge Antoni Lucev and Commissioner Danny Cloghan.

WA Chapter Seminar - Wednesday 11 February

The Law Society of Western Australia in association with the Australian Labour Law Association presented 'At the Coalface: Reflections on practitioner conduct in industrial disputes'

Industrial relations in practice is a dynamic and often 'high-stakes' game for practitioners and their respective clients (both employers, employees and unions). At times, a practitioner's ethical conduct can be called into light as they seek to achieve an outcome for their clients in the heat of battle. This inaugural event, run jointly with the Australian Labour Lawyers Association, drew upon a panel of experienced members of the Federal Judiciary and Fair Work Commission in WA to hear of their personal reflections on their time in industrial relations with a focus on practitioner conduct in industrial disputes. This included reflections on their experiences prior to their respective Court and Commission appointments.

WA Chapter Seminar- 7 August 2014

The WA State Chapter held a seminar on Thursday 7 August 2014 at Corrs Chambers Westgarth. Professor Anthony Forsyth discussed key developments in collective labour law in 2014 spoke including the debate over wages and conditions under union-negotiated agreements at companies including Toyota, SPC Ardmona and Qantas; the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance & Corruption; proposed legislation (registered organisations, construction industry, Fair Work Act amendments, etc);. Paid Parental Leave; and other aspects of the Abbott Government's workplace relations reform agenda. Anthony will also assess the Government's prospects of getting its IR Bills through the Senate, and look ahead to how the Productivity Commission Review of the Fair Work system might play out.

WA Chapter Seminar - 27 March 2012

The WA State Chapter held a seminar on Tuesday 27 March 2012 at the University of WA Business School. Professor Andrew Stewart spoke (and answered questions about) the prospects for major changes to the Fair Work legislation, whether as a result of the review commissioned by the Gillard Government, or under a future conservative government.

WA Chapter Seminar - 24 August 2011

The WA State Chapter in conjunction with the Industrial Relations Society of WA held a seminar on 24 August 2011 at The University of Western Australia. A panel composed of Daniel Lee (CCIWA), Dave Sproule (Woodside Energy Ltd), Rob Lilburne (Blake Dawson) and Trish Todd (UWA Business School) considered 'The two best and worst features of the Fair Work Act - the employers' views'.

WA Chapter Seminar - 23 March 2010

The WA State Chapter held a seminar on 23 March 2010. Commissioner B.D. Williams (Fair Work Australia) and Steven Heathcote (Downings Legal) discussed 'Fair Work Dismissals'.

WA Chapter Seminar - 14 December 2009

The WA State Chapter held a seminar on Monday 14 December 2009. Professor Joellen Riley (Sydney Law School) and Lisa Heap (the Australian Institute of Employment Rights) discussed 'Setting the climate for good faith bargaining: An exploration of the legal and cultural frameworks to achieve good faith in the workplace'.

WA Chapter Seminar - 4 June 2009

Run in conjunction with the University of Western Australia, the WA State Chapter held a seminar on Thursday 4 June at 5:15pm at The University of Western Australia, Perth. Associate Professor John Howe (The University of Melbourne) addressed the topic Job Security and the Fair Work Act in a Global Financial Crisis. Marcia Kuhne (Director, Workplace Relations Policy, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, WA), Dean Ellis (Industrial Officer/Lawyer with the Health Services Union) and Nick Ellery (Australian Labour Law Association, Corrs Chambers Westgarth) responded to the address.

WA Chapter Seminar - 29 August 2007

The WA Chapter held a seminar on Wednesday 29 August. Professor Andrew Stewart discussed the topic Work Choices: What Comes Next?. The seminar was held at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Perth.

WA Chapter Seminar - 13 June 2006

The WA Chapter held a seminar in which Chief Commissioner Tony Beech, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission, discussed 'WA IR After Work Choices'.

WA Chapter Seminar - 18 May 2006

In conjunction with Edith Cowan University, on Friday 18 May 2006 ALLA Coordinators Nic Ellery and Rohan Price convened the Nicholson Shield for Negotiation. The topic of this semester's negotiation competition was on the terminatoin of executive contracts. Nic adjudicated a fiercely contested competition and at its conclusion commented favourably on the students' performances.

WA Chapter Seminar - 6 November 2003

The WA Chapter held a seminar on 'Enterprise Bargaining and Macro-Economic Performance'. Dr Alison Preston from Curtin University was the main speaker.

WA Chapter Seminar - 29 May 2003

The WA Chapter held a seminar at Corrs Chambers Westgarth in which Commissioner Tony Beech, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission, discussed 'The Labour Relations Reform Act 2002 (WA) - The First Nine Months'.

WA Chapter Seminar - 12 March 2003

The WA Chapter held a seminar at Corrs Chambers Westgarth in which Moira Rayner presented on'The Interplay between Discrimination and Occupational Health and Safety Laws'.