Anisa Buckley

  • Ms Anisa Buckley

    Research Assistant (2018-current)

B Ed (Prim), University of Sydney
Grad Cert (International Development), RMIT University
M Arts (Islamic Studies), University of New England
PhD (Islamic Studies and Law), University of Melbourne

Anisa joined the Melbourne Law School in 2017 to work on an ARC project with Assoc Prof Farrah Ahmed and Dr Ghena Krayem from the University of Sydney researching Islamic dispute resolution processes in Australia.

Her PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Melbourne focused on Muslim women and Islamic divorce in Australia. She sits on the management committee of the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights, was a founding Board Member of the Islamic Museum of Australia, and is co-founder of the online Arabic course

Anisa’s research interests include:
- Religious divorce processes in Western jurisdictions
- Islamic jurisprudence and women’s rights
- Contemporary legal reforms in Islamic family laws
- Arabic and Islamic Studies curriculum development and teaching methodology


Buckley, Anisa, "Shari'ah, State Law and the 'Divorce Dilemma': Challenges Facing Muslim Women in Western Countries." In Challenging Identities: Muslim Women in Australia, edited by Shahram Akbarzadeh, 76-104. Carlton, Victoria: Melbourne University Press.

Buckley, Anisa, "The Dual System of Divorce and its Implications for Muslim Women in Australia." In Family Law and Australian Muslim Women, edited by Abdullah Saeed and Helen McCue, 125-149. Carlton, Victoria: Melbourne University Press.