New Research Grants

Vietnam-Australia Human Rights Technical Cooperation Program - "The Death Penalty in Comparative Perspective: Regional Laws and Practice"

The Ho Chi Minh City University of Law (HCMCUL) will host a comparative conference in 2017 looking at the death penalty in Southeast Asia, China, Japan and India. The conference enables research and analysis of death penalty reform and comparative clemency practices. More particularly, the conference will explore the comparative death penalty experience in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. It will also focus on the suspended death penalty in China and the debate about its introduction in Indonesia.

The three main objectives of ‘The Death Penalty in Comparative Perspective: Regional Laws and Practice’ conference are:

  1. To inform the death penalty debate in Vietnam about death penalty developments in Asia, ensuring that those attending the conference come from diverse sectors, including universities (staff and students), practitioners and policy makers;
  2. To closely analyse the possibilities for the suspended death penalty in Indonesia and its current practice in China; and
  3. To produce a compendium of papers in English and Vietnamese as a teaching and policy resource.

AHRCThe conference will be funded by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

MLS-Asia Research Collaboration - Death Penalty, Prosecution and Detention in Japan

This project will enable the ALC to host a workshop and public seminar with scholars who are experts in the death penalty, prosecution and detention in Japan, and present high-level intellectual output from these proceedings. The results will be published in a peer-reviewed, co-authored publication and an ALC briefing paper.

Funding will support the travel of our collaborators, Dr Maiko Tagusari (Hitotsubashi University) and Associate Professor Mari Hirayama (Hakuoh University), to Melbourne from Japan. Together with Professor David Johnson (University of Hawaii) and Ms Carol Lawson (ANU), these international guests will participate in a workshop and seminar, and contribute to the resulting publications.