Malcolm DH Smith Memorial Scholarship

Professor Malcolm Smith

The Malcolm DH Smith Memorial Scholarship was launched in 2010 in tribute to Professor Smith, a leading international figure in Asian legal studies and the Founding Director of the Asian Law Centre at the University of Melbourne. This scholarship was initiated by members of the Asian Law Centre, with the support of Dr Rosalynd Smith, widow of Professor Smith.

The scholarship is designed to assist first-year Melbourne JD students who have completed an undergraduate law degree or a degree majoring in Asian studies at a tertiary institution in Australia or Asia.

Professor Smith [LLB (Hons) 1968, LLM 1972] is remembered for his exceptional contribution to Asian legal studies. He joined the Law School in 1987 as Foundation Professor of Asian Law, and was Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law in 1990-91 and 1997-99. In 2004 he was appointed a full-time professor of law at Chuo University in Tokyo, the first Australian to hold such a position.

Melbourne Law School expresses sincere appreciation to Dr Rosalynd Smith, and the many friends and colleagues of Professor Smith who have generously donated to the scholarship.

Impact Statement of 2018 Scholarship Recipient, Ms Claritta Lee

Claritta LeeHaving been exposed to a diverse range of cultures, languages and people, I developed interests in world issues and international relations, and I always hoped to work as a diplomat in the future. After studying Commerce at the University of Melbourne as well as Translating and Interpreting course, JD studies will add another dimension in understanding and communicating with the larger world, with more focus on Australia and Asian countries.

I am honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious scholarship not only for its financial assistance for my JD studies, but more importantly for the great meaning it carries. The scholarship itself is indeed an honourable recognition of my academic endeavours, competence and potential to achieve my career plans. It has certainly instilled confidence in me in studying the JD course and I felt a greater sense of responsibility to develop further skills in practising global leadership.

I believe that this scholarship award will open up various opportunities for me and will be particularly valued when working with international institutions and organisations especially in Asia.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the donors and the Melbourne Law School for the generosity, support and warm encouragement. I hope to give back in future years and follow the footsteps of the great donors.


We are extremely grateful for the recent donation from alumnus Jim Craig and his wife Claudia Craig via the Bellwether Foundation. Both Claudia and Jim were students of Professor Smith in the Melbourne Law School’s Masters of Law programme. Jim completed his Masters in 1992 and went on to work as a lawyer in Japan. Claudia pursued her post-graduate law studies in Japan under Professor Smith’s mentorship and also worked in a Tokyo law office.  They are both delighted to make a contribution to the Malcolm DH Smith Memorial Scholarship fund in recognition of the contribution made by Professor Smith to their careers, and to enable others to benefit from similar experiences.

Donations to the Malcolm DH Smith Memorial Scholarship fund would be gratefully received at any time. Gifts over $2 are tax-deductible.

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