ALC in the Media

Media Articles by Tim LindseyTim Lindsey

Professor Tim Lindsey (Associate Director (Indonesia) and Director, Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society) is regularly quoted in media articles related to Indonesia.  Recent articles include:

"Coffee Murder: Indonesian Minister Signed Guarantee Jessica Wongso wouldn't be Executed", The Sydney Morning Herald

"Coffee-cyanide Killer Accused Faces the Death Penalty", The New Daily

"Indonesian Language Faces being 'Wiped from Universities in 10 Years'", The World Today

Stacey Steele’s LinkedIn Posts

Stacey SteeleStacey Steele (Associate Director (Japan)) regularly publishes articles on her LinkedIn profile.

Recent articles include, for example:

"Improving Bankruptcy: Japanese Reforms Go"

"Japan's Declining Youth Crime?"

"Submarine Saga Highlights Australia’s Dilemma over China and Japan"

"JAEPA: Are there New Opportunities for Australian and Japanese Businesses?"

"Osaka City Government can ask Employees if they have a Tattoo: Osaka High Court Overturns Lower Court's Decision"

"Chinese Insolvency Law: What’s going on in Mainland China?"

"“What's in a woman’s name?” asks Japanese Supreme Court"