Asian Law Teaching

JD - Economic and Business Law in Asia

This subject will be taught intensively for the first time in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with the support of various host institutions. It will examine, from an advanced and specialist perspective, economic and commercial law in Asia by reference to key transactions and key areas of substantive law, including:

  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions;
  • Competition law;
  • Finance and insolvency;
  • Trade and investment law.

The subject aims to equip students with an expert knowledge of key areas of economic and commercial law governing transactions in Asia, including the role of lawyers and the practical skills that they require in order to perform their role effectively. Through learning about the law governing transactions in selected Asian jurisdictions, students will develop an ability to examine law from a comparative perspective and will gain an advanced, integrated understanding of the nature of commercial practice in the region. The teaching methodology will incorporate a transactions-based, skills-based approach and will be enhanced through guest lectures from commercial law practitioners in Asia and representatives of host institutions.

This subject will be taught in 2016 by Mr Andrew Godwin.

Melbourne Law Masters

The following subjects relevant to Asian legal studies will also be taught in the Melbourne Law Masters in 2016:

  • Chinese Law and Commerce
  • Commercial Law in Asia
  • Drugs and the Death Penalty in Asia
  • Investment and Risk in Southeast Asia
  • Trade and Investment in Asia

The Melbourne Law Masters offers masters degrees and graduate diplomas across specialist legal areas to deepen knowledge and understanding in a general or specialised area of law.

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