New Research Grants

International Collaboration Fund – “Comparative Insolvency Law in the Asia-Pacific”

Jin Chun and Stacey Steele

Project Description

This project will focus on Chinese Insolvency Law, building on a long‐standing collaboration between Stacey Steele and Associate Professor Jin Chun. It will facilitate further collaboration, allowing Associate Professor Jin Chun to extend her stay in Australia to conduct further research into Asian Insolvency Law.

A key outcome of this project will be a one‐day workshop hosted by the Asian Law Centre on an issue of
interest to Australian creditors and investors in China. The workshop will result in a co‐authored publication by Jin Chun and Stacey Steele on Asian Insolvency Law. They will also work on a Japanese‐language book on Australian Insolvency law, the first of its kind, in 2017.

This grant has been awarded to Stacey Steele and Associate Professor Jin Chun (Doshisha University, Japan).

Oxford-MLS Research Partnerships - "Constitutional Boundaries"

Adam Perry Associate Professor Farrah Ahmed

Project Description

Dr Farrah Ahmed and Dr Adam Perry (University of Oxford) have received funding for a project about the boundaries of constitutions.

This research project will be conducted in two stages.  At Stage 1, Farrah and Adam will research and draft a paper on ‘The Precincts of Public Law’.

At Stage 2, they will organise an international workshop at the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies (CCCS), Melbourne Law School in 2016 or 2017 on the theme of 'Constitutional Boundaries', which would be organised with Professor Richard Albert.

The workshop will be an opportunity for Farrah and Adam to present and improve their paper. The workshop will also serve as a forum for scholars with overlapping interests to discuss their research, and as a platform for a later application for a large external grant to fund further research and collaboration on the workshop theme.