Current and Recent Visitors (Selection)

Assistant Professor Weitseng Chen

Weitseng ChenAssistant Professor Weitseng Chen is visiting the ALC from the National University of Singapore from 2 June - 2 July, 2017.

Weitseng will collaborate with Professor Sarah Biddulph and other members of the ALC including: Dr Wendy Ng on PRC Anti-monopoly Law and its role in law and development; and with Andrew Godwin on comparative studies of common law and civil law property.

As the Deputy Director of the NUS Center for Asian Legal Studies (CALS), Weitseng also hopes to strengthen the collaboration between NUS CALS and the ALC.

Farewell to Japanese and Korean Visitors

Each year since 2003, the ALC has hosted a Judge from Japan as part of the Overseas Training and Research Program of the Supreme Court of Japan. A similar program has been in place with Korea since 2006, with the ALC hosting a Judge, Clerk or Prosecutor from Korea as part of the Overseas Research and Study Program of the Supreme Court of Korea.

Once again, it is time to farewell our judges, Judge Yoshihiro Baba (Japan) and Judge Taegyoun Kim (Korea).

Baba FarewellIn his Farewell Speech, Judge Baba indicated that during his stay:

"My interests also expanded to other areas. I attended many cases including cases in the common law list, family law cases including cross-border family disputes, child custody disputes, bankruptcy cases, and migration cases. Through these experiences, especially observing case management processes and trials, I gained a better understanding of the adversarial judicial system and court proceedings in Australia. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and rethink about the practice of these areas in Japan. Also, these experiences definitely have broadened my horizon. Although the numbers of cross-border family disputes and migration cases are still low in Japan, for example, I think these areas will be big issues in the near future in Japan. My experience in Australia will be helpful for me to deal with these kinds of cases in my court in future."

We are delighted to have met Judge Yuri Takemura (Japan) last week and look forward to meeting Judge Yun-Kyung Bae (Korea) in July.  We will also welcome Mr Kenta Kitamoto from the Japan Patent Office in September.

Judge Yuri Takemura

Judge TakemuraWe welcomed Assistant Judge Yuri Takemura from the Yokohama District Court to the ALC in mid-June. Judge Takemura will visit the ALC for 12 months, and will be hosted by Associate Professor Stacey Steele.

Judge Takemura is the 15th Judge to participate in the Overseas Training Programme of the Supreme Court of Japan. She was appointed as a Judge in January 2014 and currently hears civil cases

During her time in Melbourne, Judge Takemura will research:

  • measures for appropriate judgments of the cases which require expert knowledge (concurrent evidence);
  • system of settlement;
  • comparative study of the legal systems of Australia and Japan regarding civil cases on alternative dispute resolution.

Forthcoming Visitors