Forthcoming Visitors (Selection)

Judicial Visitors from Japan and Korea

Each year since 2003, the ALC has hosted a Judge from Japan as part of the Overseas Training and Research Program of the Supreme Court of Japan. A similar program has been in place with Korea since 2006, with the ALC hosting a Judge, Clerk or Prosecutor from Korea as part of the Overseas Research and Study Program of the Supreme Court of Korea.

We welcomed Judge Yuri Takemura (Japan) to the ALC last week, and will welcome Judge Yun-Kyung Bae (Korea) in July.

Judge Yun-Kyung Bae will research courts' evidence-taking practices, including the restriction of searches and seizure of electronic information, and admissibility.

We will also welcome Mr Kenta Kitamoto from the Japan Patent Office in September, who will analyse the development and future of the second tier patent system.

Professor Xie Chuanyu

Professor Xie Chuanyu will visit the ALC from the People's Public Security University of China from 12 July to 30 August, 2017.

Professor Xie will engage in a comparative study of the systems for punishment of minor offending.  It will use the experience in Victoria of summary offences and summary procedure and the various programs operated in the Magistrates' Court of Victoria as a way of better understanding the methods, rationales and challenges in handling minor offending.  It will use this experience to examine and reflect upon the trials currently being undertaken in China.

While in Melbourne, Professor Xie will present a seminar on changes in the Chinese system for administration and sanctioning of minor offences, including discussing trials to expand the expedited investigation, prosecution and adjudication of minor offences.

Visit by Death Penalty Litigators from India

The ALC will welcome 2 Death Penalty Litigators from India in late 2017.  During their time in Melbourne, they will focus on: forensic psychiatry; forensic evidence, in particular DNA and telephonic records; and sentencing principles and practice.

If you would like to meet any of our visitors during their time in Melbourne, please contact the ALC.