MLS International Collaborations

Degree Partnerships

Melbourne Law School offers its JD and Masters students the opportunity to earn combined degrees in law from a diverse range of universities, including:

  • the University of Cambridge;
  • University of Oxford;
  • New York University;
  • University of British Columbia's Peter A Allard School of Law;
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong; and
  • National University of Singapore.

Further Details

Research Partnership with Renmin University of China Law School

A new research partnership between Renmin University of China Law School and Melbourne Law School will help facilitate strong connections and build research capacity.

The new grant scheme will facilitate important comparative research. The Renmin - MLS Research Partnership Grant will award successful applicants with AUD $20,000 over a two-year period.  Both law schools have contributed funding for the grant, which will enable researchers from each school to collaborate on a legal research project.

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