Asian Law Teaching 2018

Melbourne Law Masters

The Graduate Diploma in Asian Law will continue in 2018.  The specialisation in Asian law is ideal for lawyers and other professionals dealing with Asian legal systems in commercial, legal or policy capacities, or for researchers and scholars interested in Asia. International and domestic students will benefit from the diversity of subjects, exposure to teaching staff who speak Asian languages, and access to the Asian Law Centre. Covering a range of Asian legal systems and societies, the program offers insights into laws, institutions and their reform and practices that will determine how governments, businesses and broader stakeholders interact within and across borders.

The following subjects relevant to Asian legal studies will also be taught in the Melbourne Law Masters in 2018:

  • Chinese Competition Law and Policy (October)
  • Commercial Law in Asia (Semester 2)
  • Construction Law and Projects in Asia (April)
  • Digital Trade (August)
  • Global Financial Order: IMF and World Bank (October)
  • Human Rights in Asia: Current Issues (July)
  • International Law and Development (May)
  • Investment Deals and Disputes in Asia (September)
  • National Human Rights Institutions (September)
  • Regulation of FinTech (August)

The Melbourne Law Masters offers masters degrees and graduate diplomas across specialist legal areas to deepen knowledge and understanding in a general or specialised area of law.

2018 Subjects

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