Law on the State of Emergency

16-17 June 2020

This is an online conference, and many of you will be attending from different time zones. We have therefore made some special arrangements to ensure you are able to participate fully in the conference discussions.

  1. The conference sessions will be ‘live’ and will take place via Zoom.
  2. The conference sessions will be devoted to questions and answers and discussions. Everyone participating in the sessions will have had an opportunity to read the papers in advance.
  3. The Chairperson will provide a summary of the main ideas and themes of the papers in each session, and provide a short summary of each paper.
  4. Each speaker will respond to a specific question about their paper.
  5. The rest of the session will be devoted to discussion about all papers.
  6. Participants can type their questions in the 'Chat' section of Zoom.
  7. Each session will be 1 hour long.