Law on the State of Emergency

16-17 June 2020

In cooperation with the Institute of Legislative Studies under the Standing Committee, the National Assembly of Vietnam

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The objectives of this conference are to provide an open forum for scholars to discuss both theoretical and practical aspects of emergency laws, to gather information about emergency laws in many different jurisdictions, and to discuss similarities and differences between them. This conference takes place at a time when many states have adopted emergency measures to respond to many challenges to public health, the economy and governance caused by the COVIDÔÇÉ19 pandemic.

We hope to discuss questions such as:

  1. What should be the substantive and procedural requirements for declaration of a state of emergency?
  2. What are the appropriate limits to the use of emergency powers, particularly protecting the human rights commitments of states?
  3. What types of mechanisms can or should be in place to control abuse of power or other negative impacts on citizens during a state of emergency?
  4. How do the experiences of different jurisdictions differ and what lessons can be learnt?