'Legal Cooperation, Harmonization and Unification: An ASEAN Perspective'
Online Conference

28-29 October, 2022

Papers to be presented

Author(s)Institution Country of Institution Paper Title
Professor Nafees AHMADSouth Asian UniversityIndiaFrom Legal Pluralism to Legal Cooperation: Locating Harmonization Framework through Basic Structure of International Law Standard Setting for Refugee Protection
Dr Miguel Jose ARJONA SANCHEZUniversity of GranadaSpainThe European Union Monetary Union: Some Experiences for ASEAN
Professor Shruti BEDIPanjab UniversityIndiaCombatting Terrorism in South-East Asia: ASEAN's Soft Approach

Recording of Presentation 
Ms BUI Thu ThuyVietnam National University of AgricultureVietnamRefugee Protection in ASEAN: The Right to be Recognized as a Refugee
Mr BUI Trung Hieu and Ms TRAN Hoang Tu LinhHo Chi Minh University of LawVietnamThird-Party Funding in Commercial Arbitration In ASEAN: Dealing with Conflicts Of Interest
Dr Jennifer M. CUETO, Associate Professor Sandy M. GONZALES, Jesse Nelson P. LLANA, Ms Elaine Noreen G. BAXA and Assistant Professor Lovilet C. MOLOBatangas State UniversityPhilippinesThe Philippine Judicial System on the Issuance of Extraterritorial Service of Summons to Other Countries
Mr Dao Trong KhoiVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamHarmonizing Vietnamese Personal Data Protection Law with ASEAN Standards: Lessons Learned from the Singaporean
Dr Wisnu Aryo DEWANTO and Dr Go LISWANAWATIUniversity of SurabayaIndonesiaPromoting an Excellent Data Protection Law to Achieve Competitive-Productive-Dynamic AEC Pillars
Mr Kwan Yuen IU and Ms Vanessa Man-yi WONGUniversity of Chicago; Chinese University of Hong KongUSA; Hong KongThe Trans-National Cybercrime Court: Towards a New Harmonization of Cyber Law  Regime in ASEAN
Professor Susan KNEEBONEUniversity of MelbourneAustraliaMarriage Migration: The Default Position of Labour Migration and Gender Discrimination?  What is ASEAN's Role?
Ms Michelle KRISTINAUniversity of SurabayaIndonesiaStrengthening Cooperation in ASEAN for Corporate Crime Prevention in the Digital Economy Era
Mrs Atik KRUSTIYATI and Ms Melinda Theresia GOUniversity of SurabayaIndonesiaIndonesia's Interest in the Harmonization of the Principles of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) Review Based on the Perspective of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Mr S├ębastien LAFRANCEPublic Prosecution Service of Canada; Universitas Airlangga; Ho Chi Minh City University of LawCanada; Indonesia; VietnamThe Reception and Effectiveness of International Fundamental Rights in Some Selected ASEAN States
Ms LE LinhHo Chi Minh City University of Technology ; Vietnam National UniversityVietnamFeasibility Study on Establishment of a Uniform Code of Corporate Governance in ASEAN
Mr LE Xuan Tung and Mr PHAM Son TungMinistry of Justice; Vietnam International Law FirmVietnamA Critical Evaluation on Legal Harmonization Through the Implementation of Hague Conventions on Children from ASEAN Countries
Ms Dian NARWASTUTY and Mr Arman TJONENGMaranatha Christian UniversityIndonesiaEnhancing Implementation of Chemical Castration Punishment related to the Interests of the Victim and the Role of Interpol to Reformulating Restorative Justice in Sexual Crimes Penalty
Dr NGO Minh Huong and Associate Professor VU Cong GiaoVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamCriminal Justice Responses to Trafficking in Persons: Challenges for Implementing ACTIP in Viet Nam
Mr NGUYEN Anh TuanPeople's Security AcademyVietnamHarmonization Process of Vietnamese Criminal Law in Combating Crimes of Human Trafficking relating to Foreign Factors: Past, Present and Orientation
Dr NGUYEN Bich Thao and Dr TRUONG Huynh NgaVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamE-Courts in Indonesia and Experience for Vietnam: Towards Judicial Harmonization and Modernization in the ASEAN Region
Ms NGUYEN Cuc Thi Kim and Mr LAI Long ThanhHo Chi Minh City University of LawVietnamSustainable Fisheries in the ASEAN Region - Lessons from the EU's Common Fisheries Policy?
Professor NGUYEN Hoang An, Mr DANG The Duc and Ms LE Thi Minh TrangVietnam National University, Hanoi; Indochine CounselVietnamDigital Healthcare in Vietnam: Current Legal Framework and Recommendations in Comparison with Some ASEAN Countries
Professor NGUYEN Hoang AnVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamRegulatory Sandbox - Experiences from some ASEAN countries; The Reality and Prospects in Vietnam
Mrs NGUYEN Le ThuVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamProspectus of Legal Cooperation to Protect Migrant Workers' Social Security Rights within ASEAN
Associate Professor NGUYEN Minh TuanVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamThe Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Vietnam's Role
Dr NGUYEN Quang Duc and PHAN Ngoc DungVietnam National University, Hanoi; B. Braun VietnamVietnamVietnam in ASEAN: Prospects and Challenges of Integration of the Legal System
Mrs NGUYEN Thanh HuyenVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamAssessment of the Compatibility of Vietnamese Law with ASEAN Commitments on the Protection of Labor Rights of Migrant Workers
Mr NGUYEN The Duc Tam and Mr NGUYEN Viet Gia BaoUniversity of Economics and LawVietnamThe Rise of Commercial Mediation in the ASEAN Countries: Harmonization for a Better Tomorrow
Mr NGUYEN Viet Anh LanHo Chi Minh University of Law; Macquarie UniversityVietnam; AustraliaLegal Frameworks of Harmonisation of Laws Towards Economic Integration: An ASEAN Perspective
Mr NONG Duc TaiPeople's Security AcademyVietnamInternational Cooperation between Vietnam and Other Countries in ASEAN in Combating Cybercrime: Status Quo, Challenges and Orientation of Legal Perfection
Mrs PHAM Thi Hong Nghia, Mrs NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Yen and Mrs DO Thi HaPeople's Security Academy; People's Police Academy; People's Security AcademyVietnamUnderstanding the International Cooperation to Combat Money Laundering of Vietnam in ASEAN
Ms PHAN Thi Lan Phuong and Ms PHAM Thi Duyen ThaoVietnam National University, HanoiVietnamSustainable Development Legislation in Vietnam - The Role along with Perfecting the Legal Frameworks and Promoting to Act for the ASEAN Community's Sustainable Development
Dr Christoph SPERFELDT and Dr Dian ROSITAWATIMacquarie University; Indonesian Institute for Independent Judiciary (LeIP) and Jentara School of LawAustralia; IndonesiaCross-border Judicial Collaboration and Training in ASEAN: The Role of the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices
Ms THE Lip LiChulalongkorn UniversityThailandConnecting Institutional Regimes to Implement the ASEAN-United Nations Complementarities Roadmap
Mr George Thomas THEVARIL and Mr Arnold STANLEYSt Joseph's College of LawIndiaASEAN and COVID-19 Pandemic: A Wake-up Call for Reimagining the Framework for Global Health Cooperation
Mr Michael Thomas THEVARIL and Sami Mohammed FARHATSt Joseph's College of LawIndiaASEAN's Gig Force: A Compromised Future?
Ms TRAN Hong Nhung and Mr PHAM Quang HuyMinistry of FinanceVietnamExisting Legal Transplant of a Norm from One Jurisdiction to Another: The Case of Vietnam's Consumer Protection Law