Day 1

(Hanoi Time)
Paper TitlePresenter
10:20am-10:30am Introduction and Zoom InstructionsAssociate Professor BUI Tien Dat (Vietnam National University, Hanoi)
10:30am-10:35am Welcome from Melbourne Law School Professor Sean COONEY (University of Melbourne)
10:35am-10:40am Welcome from Vietnam National University, HanoiAssociate Professor THI Que Anh (Vietnam National University, Hanoi)
Legal Frameworks for Harmonization of Laws
Chair: Ms Michelle Kristina (University of Surabaya)
10:40am-10:47amThe Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Vietnam's RoleAssociate Professor NGUYEN Minh Tuan
10:47am-10:54am The Reception and Effectiveness of International Fundamental Rights in Some Selected ASEAN States Mr S├ębastien LAFRANCE
10:54am-11:01am From Legal Pluralism to Legal Cooperation: Locating Harmonization Framework through Basic Structure of International Law Standard Setting for Refugee Protection Professor Nafees AHMAD
11:01am-11:08am A Critical Evaluation on Legal Harmonization Through the Implementation of Hague Conventions on Children from ASEAN Countries Mr LE Xuan Tung and Mr PHAM Son Tung
11:08am-11:18am Discussion  
Economic Integration, Commerce and Trade
Chair: Dr Marites D. Olea (IOER)
11:18am-11:25am The Rise of Commercial Mediation in the ASEAN Countries: Harmonization for a Better Tomorrow Mr NGUYEN The Duc Tam and Mr NGUYEN Viet Gia Bao
11:25am-11:32am Third-Party Funding in Commercial Arbitration In ASEAN: Dealing with Conflicts Of Interest Mr BUI Trung Hieu and Ms TRAN Hoang Tu Linh
11:32am-11:39am Promoting an Excellent Data Protection Law to Achieve Competitive-Productive-Dynamic AEC Pillars Dr Wisnu Aryo DEWANTO and Dr Go Lisanawati
11:39am-11:46am The European Union Monetary Union: Some Experiences for ASEAN Dr Miguel Jose ARJONA SANCHEZ
11:46am-11:56am Discussion  
Judicial Harmonization in ASEAN & Harmonization in Private Setting
Chair: Dr NGUYEN Hoang Ha (Vietnam National University, Hanoi)
11:56am-12:03pmE-Courts in Indonesia and Experience for Vietnam: Towards Judicial Harmonization and Modernization in the ASEAN RegionDr Nguyen Bich Thao and Dr Truong Huynh Nga
12:03pm-12:10pm The Trans-National Cybercrime Court: Towards a New Harmonization of Cyber Law  Regime in ASEAN Mr Kwan Yuen Iu and Ms Vanessa Man-yi Wong
12:10pm-12:17pm Strengthening Cooperation in ASEAN for Corporate Crime Prevention in the Digital Economy Era Ms Michelle Kristina
12:17pm-12:27pm Discussion  
12:27pm Close of Day 1