'Legalisation of Same-sex Marriage: A Global Perspective'
Online Conference

7-8 December, 2021

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

Papers to be presented

Author(s)Institution Country of Institution Paper Title
Wisnu Adihartono School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences | Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales France ‘We Are Same-sex Couples, We Are Not Doing Same-sex Marriage’: Raising Same-sex Marriage for Indonesian Same-sex Couples in France
Akshat Agarwal Yale University USA LGBT+ Rights Claiming for Marriage Equalityand the Possibilities of Transforming Indian Family Law
Shruti Bedi Panjab University India The Fundamental Right to Marry in India: Viewing Same-Sex Marriages through the Lens of Constitutional Morality
Mary Anne CaseUniversity of ChicagoUSAThe Status of Marriage as a Source of Recognition
Luis Jose F. Geronimo House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal Philippines Queer Vadis: Marching Beyond SOGIESC Equality’s Incipient Gains, Lessons from American and Taiwanese Queer Legal Histories

(Published in Volume 66, Issue No. 1, Ateneo Law Journal
Hoang Thao AnhHue UniversityVietnamA Legal Approach on the Recognition of Same Sex Marriage in Taiwan
Lovepreet Kaur Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law India Decriminalization of Section 377 viz-a-viz Same-Sex Marriage in India: Continuing Battle of LGBT+ Community
Saif Rasul Khan Gauhati University India Same-Sex Relationships and Marriage in India: The Path Forward
Khoa Doan Vietnam National University Vietnam Contemporary Taiwanese Society LGBT Rights and the Road to Marriage Equality
Lai Long Thanh

Nguyen Cuc Thi Kim
Ho Chi Minh City University of Law Vietnam Surrogacy for same-sex couples - who is the legal parents of a surrogate child?
Sébastien Lafrance Public Prosecution Service of Canada Canada Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in Canada: A Success Story
Anna Michalak University of Łódź Poland Does the Polish Constitution Define Marriage only as a Union between a Man and a Woman, or is another Interpretation Possible? Polemic with the Previous Jurisprudence
Nguyen Minh TriNguyen Tat Thanh UniversityVietnamUnderstanding the LGBT Subculture in Vietnam: Toward Theory of Cultural Studies
Nguyen Minh Tuan

Nguyen Thi Nhat Thao

Dang Thi Nhu Quynh

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh

Nguyen Thi Tuoi

Nguyen Thi Huong
Vietnam National University HanoiVietnamThe Ensuring Conditions of LGBT Right to Adopt in Vietnam: Inadequacies and Recommendations

The Ensuring Conditions of LGBT Right to Adopt in Vietnam: Inadequacies and Recommendations
Nguyen The Anh Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Transgender People’s Right to Marry in Vietnam and Other Countries – Legal Recognition and Practical Problems
Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai

Tran Thien Trang

Ngo Thi Anh Van
Ho Chi Minh University

Van Lang University
Vietnam Same-Sex Cohabitation via the Court’s Decision on Resolution of Civil Matters – A First Step on The Path of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in Vietnam
Nguyen Thuy Duong

Le Hoang Dieu Anh

Ho Bao Chau
Hanoi Law University

Vietnet Informational and Technology Center

Vietnam National University
VietnamSearching for an Appropriate Model for the Legalization of Same-sex Couple's Relationship from Public Attitudes in Vietnam - An Empirical Assessment
Nong Duc Tai

Nguyen Thu Nguyet
People's Security Academy, Academy of International Studies Vietnam The Issues relating to Same-sex Marriage Legalization in Vietnam
Ignatius Yordan Nugraha Hasselt University Belgium Marriage Overruled? ‘Certificate of Non-Impediment’ and Impediment to the Right to Same-Sex Marriage
Nausica Palazzo Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel Marriage Apostates: Why Heterosexuals Seek Same-Sex Registered Partnerships
Pham Luong Khien Vietnam National University Vietnam Same-sex Marriage in China Law
Thuong Mac Thi Hoai Hanoi Law University Vietnam Protecting Human Rights to Adoption of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People (LGBT) – Practice in Some Asian Countries and Vietnam
Thuy Hoang Thi Thu Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public AdministrationVietnamSame-Sex Marriage from the Perspective of Tradition, Morality and Law in Vietnam
Tran Thi Quyen Hanoi Law University Vietnam Factors Affecting Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in Vietnam