Celebrating Asian Legal Careers - “You cannot be what you cannot see”

Tuesday 2 August, 2022
Hosted by Asian Law Centre, Melbourne Law School

The 2021 Census shows that almost half of Australians have a parent born overseas. There are now more than 250 ancestries and 350 languages being spoken. Mandarin is the second most common language, after English, following by Arabic and Punjabi. Australia’s population is getting more diverse. Yet, at the upper echelon of the legal profession there seems to be a lack of diversity beyond gender. In this seminar, William Lye OAM QC will share how he navigates a multiplicity of cultures to become a successful and honored barrister in Australia.

Mr William Lye OAM QC

William Lye OAM QC holds degrees in Computer Science, Law, and Entrepreneurship. He is a Fellow of the Resolution Institute; an Associate of the Asian Law Centre; and a member of the Victorian Bar. William has a broad legal practice as a Dispute Resolver. More recently, William was appointed by the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations to lead a team of volunteer lawyers to provide guidance and legal representation in regard to the collection of information relevant to the alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine.