Covid and Law in Asia: Launch of Australian Journal of Asian Law Special Issue

Thursday 21 July, 2022
Hosted by Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society and Asian Law Centre, Melbourne Law School

Covid-19 had a devastating impact on communities across Asia. Political and legal systems were tested by the pandemic as governments in the region struggled to find the right responses to the health emergency it created. Laws were found to be flawed – in some cases, laws were even abused. The Australian Journal of Asian Law’s Special Issue on Covid and Law in Asia critically assesses these responses, examining their impact on laws, institutions, and rights and freedoms.

In this seminar, leading scholars of law and society in Asia who contributed to the Special Issue offered insights into the complex and changing relationship between the Covid-19 pandemic and legal systems in the region through case-studies of China; Indonesia; Myanmar; Timor-Leste; Vietnam; and a South-East Asia regional study.

This seminar was co-hosted by the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society and the Asian Law Centre, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne.

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