Media Commentary

Asian Law Centre staff regularly publish media articles, both in Australia and overseas.

Below is a list of media commentary by the Centre's Director and Associate Directors

Dr Farrah Ahmed

  • Ahmed, F. (2015) ‘Judicial Review of Shariah Councils’ UK Const. L. Blog, 1 May, available at
  • Ahmed, F. (2015) ‘The Untapped Potential for Constitutional Avoidance in Social Rights Adjudication’ U.K. Const. L. Blog 6 February, available at:
  • Professor Sarah Biddulph

    Mr Andrew Godwin

    Professor Tim Lindsey

    • Lindsey, T. (2015) ‘Farewell Adnan Buyung Nasution’, Indonesia at Melbourne blog, 5 October.
    • Lindsey, T. (2015) ‘7 Reasons Why Bali Pair Should Not Have Been Killed’, The Age, 29 April.
    • Lindsey, T. and Butt, S. (2015) ‘Joko Widodo’s Support Wanes as Indonesia’s Anti-corruption Agency KPK Rendered Toothless’, The Age, 11 April.
    • Lindsey, T. (2015) ‘Bali Two: No Time to be Hardline’, The Age, 14 March.
    • Lindsey, T. and Butt, S. (2015) ‘Little Hope Left for Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan’, The Age, 11 February.
    • Lindsey, T. (2015) ‘Bali Nine: Hypocrisy, Politics and Courts Play Out in Death Row Lottery’, The Conversation, 23 January.
    • Butt, S. and Lindsey, T. (2014), ‘Schapelle Corby Would Be Foolish to Give Interviews’, The Guardian, 17 February.
    • Lindsey, T. (2014), ‘Face It – We Cannot Afford to Keep Offending Indonesia’, The Age, 17 January. Lindsey, T. (2014), ‘Indonesia’s Transition to Democracy under Threat as New President is Sworn in’, The Age, 17 October.
    • Lindsey, T. and Pulungan, R. (2013), ‘Turn Back the Boats? Why Indonesia isn’t Happy’, The Age, 23 July.
    • Lindsey, T. (2013), ‘Indonesian Friendship Key to the Asia Century’, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 November.
    • Lindsey, T. (2012), "Why we haven't convinced Indonesia to come on board", The Age, (Online) 12 September
    • Comments by Tim Lindsay, (2012), "Close but not close enough", The Australian, (Melbourne) 03 July - (Authored by Callick, R)
    • Lindsey, T. (2011), "Hardline Islam a bigger threat than terrorists", The Australian, (Melbourne) 07 July
    • Lindsey, T. (2010), "Scott Rush's Death Sentence Appeal", SBS World News Australia Broadcast, 27 August
    • Topsfield, J. (2010), "Asian Language push in disarray", The Age (Melbourne), 27 May
    • Lindsey, T. (2010), "The Power of Speech", The Australian (Supplements), 21 May

    Professor Pip Nicholson

    • Nicholson, P. (2015) ‘The Death Penalty in SE Asia: Is There a Trend towards Abolition?’,The Conversation, 4 March.
    • Nicholson, P with Bui Ngoc Son. (2015) ‘Vietnam Moves Cautiously on Constitutional Reform’, Asian Currents, 15 June, available at

    Associate Professor Stacey Steele

    • Steele, S and Haruyama, A. (2015) ‘Protest, Voting and Having a Say: is the Sleepy Japanese Student Waking Up?’ Asian Currents, 8 September.
    • Steele, S., Opie, H., Yang, S., and Park, Ji Hoon (2015) ‘Winter Olympics Site Becomes Battleground for IOC Ideals’ Asian Currents, 14 September.
    • Steele, S. (2015) ‘Japan and Australia Eye Bilateral Relations Through TPP Prism’, Asian Currents, 23 November.
    • Steele, S. (2015) ‘Japanese Students Wake Up to Politics’ on East Asian Forum, 18 September, available at

    Dr Amanda Whiting

    • Whiting, A. (2015) ‘Strengthening Sedition’ New Mandala, 22 April.
    • Whiting, A. (2015) ‘Strengthened Sedition’ New Mandala, 21 April.
    • Whiting, A. (2015) ‘Fortifying Sedition’, New Mandala, 20 April.
    • Whiting, A. (2015) ‘Anwar Ibrahim’s Conviction Lowers the Bar on the Malaysian Legal System’ East Asia Forum 13 April, available at
    • Whiting, A. (2011), "Malaysia - Assembling the Peaceful Assembly Act", New Mandala 6 December.