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For Sama: Reality of Healthcare in Conflict

This Chatham House article discusses the award-winning recent film For Sama, and what one of its main characters Dr Hamza al-Kateab learned while working in East Aleppo’s last remaining hospital.

ICRC Review: Special Edition – 150 Years of Humanitarian Reflection

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the International Review of the Red Cross, a special edition has been published, which explores the ways in which the Review has reflected evolutions in warfare and humanitarian action over the past century and a half, as well as the ways in which broader trends in humanitarian law, policy and action can be observed through its publications.

PeaceWomen WPS 2019 Monitor: The 19th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325

The annual UN Security Council open debate on WPS took place on 29 October 2019, marking 19 years since the creation of the WPS agenda under the auspices of UN Security Council Resolution 1325. At the debate, UN Security Council Resolution 2493 – the tenth WPS resolution – was adopted. PeaceWomen has recently posted various […]


GPIL – German Practice in International Law

This new resource for public international law research publishes case studies on German State practice in the field of public international law, summarising the German position on various issues as well as other States’ responses where relevant. All documents or extracts in German are translated into English. The resource is available here.

‘Women’s Participation Proven to Enhance Peacemaking, Security’

This recent speech by UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohamed was delivered to the African Union Peace and Security Council on 21 October 2019. It focuses particularly on the importance of women’s participation in peacekeeping and peace building processes – even as the statistics indicate an ongoing gap between aspiration and reality in this area. Relatedly, see this Foreign Policy article, which argues that the women and children of ISIS have been left forgotten in poorly-guarded Syrian camps, posing a future national security threat for Europe and the US.

Humanitarian Law & Policy blog post: ‘Trust Me – I’m a Humanitarian’

In December 2019 the ICRC will host a conference dedicated to the central issue of trust in humanitarian action. Ahead of this event, the ICRC’s Head of Policy Hugo Slim has published an article examining the importance of trust in successfully executing humanitarian initiatives, focusing particularly on “operational trust” and “accountability trust”.

‘The Human Cost of Using Informers in Conflict and the Ambivalence of International Law’

This recent EJIL: Talk! blog post investigates the use of informers in NIACs and considers the scant national/international law applying to them, particularly IHL and international HR law.

‘The Paradox of Plenty and its Impact on Gendered Policy’

This post on the LSE WPS Centre’s blog argues that current international law approaches to the links between natural resource wealth and conflict fail to address the root causes of these conflicts – particularly their gendered dimensions. The author challenges traditional understandings of these problems, and suggests some potential legal and policy solutions which might be […]

New Humanitarian Law & Policy blog post: the ICRC’s biometrics policy

This blog post outlines the ICRC’s previous and future use of biometrics to support its work in various fields (e.g. forensics). The ICRC has been exploring additional deployments of this technology, and has now developed a Biometrics Policy that “would both facilitate the responsible use of biometrics and address the day protection challenges this poses”. ]

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