IHL and Poaching


General Resources

‘Background Note on the ‘Arria-Formula’ Meetings’ – United Nations Security Council

‘The Arria-Formula Meetings’: A Complete Record of the Arria Formula Meetings – UN Security Council

Reports of the ILC and UN

‘Legal Committee Tackles International Law Commission Report’s Third Cluster on Customary International Law, Environmental Protection in Armed Conflict’ – UN Press Releases (3 November 2014)

News & Publications

‘2015 Marine Corps Security Environment Forecast – Futures: 2030-2045’- Futures Directorate

‘Arria-Formula Meeting on Illicit Arms Transfers and Poaching in Africa’ – What’s in Blue: Insights on the Work of the UN (25 November 2015)

‘The Arria-Formula Meeting on Gaza’ – What’s In Blue: Insights on the Work of the UN (16 July 2015)

Michael Bothe, Carl Bruch, Jordan Diamond and David Jensen, International law protecting the environment during armed conflict: gaps and opportunities’ (2010) 92 International Committee of the Red Cross

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