Below are some useful publications/resources on various topics relating to Peace and Security:


Gerry Simpson, ‘The Death of Baha Mousa (2007) 8 Melbourne Journal of International Law 340


‘Studying Under Fire: Attacks on Schools, Military Use of Schools During the Armed Conflict in Eastern Ukraine’ by Human Rights Watch For more information on the protection of schools and universities during armed conflict see ‘Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict’ by Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack

‘The Responsibility to Protect at 15’ by Ramesh Thakur, Chatham House, International Affairs

‘Rising Threat: The Islamic State’s Militarization of Children’ by Dr. Sebastian L. Gorka, Katharine C. Gorka and Claire Herzog, Threat Knowledge Group

‘Human Rights Obligations of Armed Non-State Actors: An Exploration of the Practice of the UN Human Rights Council’ by The Geneva Academy

‘Partner Operations in Syria” Lessons Learned and the Way Forward’ by Aaron Stein, Atlantic Council

‘Lawfare 101: A Primer’ by Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap Jr., Military Review

‘The Conduct of Hostilities and International Humanitarian Law’ by International Law Association Study Group (Presented At The 77th  ILA Conference In Johannesburg, South Africa

‘Presidential Order on Civilian Casualties: One Year Later’ by Daniel R. Mahanty, Center for Civilians in Conflict 


‘Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes Jurisdiction’, Library of Congress


Centre for Strategic and International Studies, _Global Forecast: Crisis and Opportunity_(2015)

James Putzel and Jonathan Di John, Meeting the Challenges of Crisis States (2012)


‘Counterinsurgency, Local Militias, State Building in Afghanistan’ – United States Institute of Peace

‘Missed Opportunities’ – United States Institute of Peace

‘Reintegrating Armed Groups in Afghanistan: Lessons from the Past’ – United States Institute of Peace


Case of Hassan v United Kingdom (Judgment) Applicant No 29750/09 ECHR (19 September 2014)

‘The Grand Chamber Judgment in Hassan v UK’ EJIL Talk (2014) Online Link here


‘The Modern Law of Self-Defence’ by Jeremy Wright QC MP, International Institute for Strategic Studies Jus Post Bellum

‘Advice concerning the use of force against Daesh in the collective self defence of Iraq’ HC Deb, 26 September 2014, column 1263 

‘Advice concerning the Reyaad Khan strike’ HC Deb, 7 September 2015, column 26_

Jann Kleffner, ‘Towards a Functional Conceptualization of the Temporal Scope of Jus Post Bellum’ in Cartsen Stahn, Jennifer Easterday and Jens Iverson, Jus Post Bellum: Mapping the Normative Foundations (Oxford University Press, 2014) 287

Christine Bell, ‘Peace Settlements and International Law: From Lex Pacificatoria to Jus Post Bellum’ in Nigel White and Christian Henderson (eds), Research Handbook on International Conflict and Security Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013) 499

Nehal Bhuta, ‘New Modes and Orders: The Difficulties of a Jus Post Bellum of Constitutional Transformation’ (2010) 60 University of Toronto Law Journal 799


ICRC, Contemporary Challenges to IHL – Occupation: Overview (11 June 2012) International Committee of the Red Cross

Adam Roberts, ‘Transformative Military Occupation: Applying the Laws of War and Human Rights’ (2006) 100 The American Journal of International Law 580

Daphna Shraga, ‘Military Occupation and UN Transitional Administrations – The Analogy and its Limitations’ in Marcelo G Kohen (ed), Promoting Justice, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution through International Law (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2007) 479

Nehal Bhuta, ‘New Modes and Orders: The Difficulties of a Jus Post Bellum of Constitutional Transformation’ (2010) 60 University of Toronto Law Journal 799


Al-Sadoon v Secretary of State for Defence (2015) High Court (UK)

Australian Civil Military Centre, ‘Same Space Different Mandates’ (May 2012)

Bruce Oswald, DDR and Detention in UN Peace Operations (2014)

Case of Hassan v United Kingdom (App No 29750/09) European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber (2014)

Case of Jaloud v Netherlands (App No 47708/08) European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber (2014)

Centre for International Peace Operations, Map of Peacekeeping Operations (2014-2015)

Common African Position on the UN Review of Peace Operations (2015)

Crisis Watch Interactive Map

Crisis Watch No 140 (April 2014) – International Crisis Group

Daniel Fisher and Christopher Mercado, ‘Competitive Control: How to Evaluate the Threats Posed by ‘Ungoverned Spaces’ (2014) _Small Wars Journal___“competitive-control”-how-to-evaluate-the-threats-posed-by-“ungoverned-spaces”.

Elizabeth Cossor, Protecting the Internally Displaced in Armed Conflict: Do International Models of Intervention for Humanitarian Purposes Assist? (2006) [[asset:Cossor-Monograph.pdf]?]

Erika de Wet and Jann Kleffner (eds), Convergence and Conflicts of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in Military Operations, Pretoria University Press (2014)

Global Peace Operations Review

Guidance on Humanitarian Organizations’ Participation in Military Events

Guidance Note of the Secretary General: United Nations Assistance to Constitution-making Processes (April 2009) United Nations Rule of Law

H Patrick Glenn, ‘Sustainable Diversity in Law’ (2011) 3 Hague Journal on the Rule of Law 39

Hal Brands, ‘Paradoxes of the Gray Zone’ (February 2016) Foreign Policy Research Institute

Haidi Willmot, Scott Sheeran and Lisa Sharland, Safety and Security Challenges in UN Peace Operations (July 2015), International Peace Institute

Huma Haider – GSDRC Applied Knowledge Services, ‘Conflict Sensitivity: Topic Guide’ Article Here

Hurst Hannum, ‘Human Rights in Conflict Resolution: The Role of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in UN Peacemaking and Peacebuilding (2006) 28 Human Rights Quarterly 1

ICRC, IHL Bibliography (4th Quarter, 2014)

ICRC, ‘International Review of the Red Cross – Humanitarian Debate: Law, Policy, Action’, Multinational Operations and the Law

Institute for Economics and Peace, Five Key Questions answered on the link between Peace and Religion

International Crisis Group, Crisis Watch (January 2015)

International Network to Promote the Rule of Law – Website

Jessica Howard and Bruce Oswald (eds), The Rule of Law on Peace Operations: A “Challenges of Peace Operations” Project Conference (2003)

John A Gibson, Refugee Protection or Border Protection? An Overview of the Last Decade (2006) [[asset:Gibson-Monograph.pdf]?]

‘Medical care in armed conflict: International Humanitarian Law and State Responses to Terrorism’ – Harvard Law School Program on International Law in Armed Conflict

NATO, ‘NATO’s Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency Experience in Afghanistan’ (2015)

‘Negotiating with Terrorists: Interview with Jonathan Powell (23 April 2015) – Chatham House: The Royal Institute for Ethics in International Affairs

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Strategic Options for the Future of African Peace Operations 2015-2025 Seminar Report

Peace Operations Update (December 2014) ZIF Centre for International Peace Operations

Peace Operations Update (2014) ZIF Centre for International Peace Operations

Mateja Peter, ‘Between Doctrine and Practice: The UN Peacekeeping Dilemma’ (2015) 21 Global Governance 351

Pierre Krahenbuhl, ‘In the Eye of the Man-Made Storm’ (26 September 2014) Foreign Policy

Practitioner’s Guide – ‘Defining the Rule of Law and Related Concepts’, INPROL (2015)

‘Providing for Peacekeeping’ – International Peace Institute Main Website

Joachim Koops, Norrie MacQueen, Thierry Tardy, and Paul D. Williams (eds), ‘The Oxford Handbook of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations’ (OUP, 2015)

R J Mathews (ed), Proceedings of the Biological Weapons Convention Regional Workshop, 21-25 February 2005 (2005)

Ralph Mamiya, Legal Challenges for UN Peacekeepers Protecting Civilians in South Sudan (9 December 2014) ASIL Insights

RAND Corporation, Choices for America in a Turbulent World (2015)

Rex Brynan,’Teaching about Peace Operations’ (2014) 21 International Peacekeeping 529

Sandra Erwin, ‘Military Study Criticises Direction of US National Security Policy’

Security Council Report – Status Update (January 2015)

Securities and Human Rights Hub/Database

Seth Kaplan, ‘Fixing Fragile States: A Country-Based Framework’ (November 2015) _Norwegian Peacekeeping Resource Centre_

Timothy L H McCormack, Paramdeep B Mtharu and Sarah Finnin, Report on States Parties’ Responses to the Questionnaire: International Humanitarian Law and Explosive Remnants of War (2006)

Timothy L H McCormack and Paramdeep B Mtharu, Expected Civilian Damage and the Proportionality Equation: International Humanitarian Law and Explosive Remnants of War (November 2006) [[asset:Expected-Civilian-Damage-Report.pdf]?]

‘The Perils of Peacekeeping in Unstabilized Environments’ – Stimson Centre Report (21 March 2015)

Unsal Sigri and Ufuk Basar, ‘An Analysis of Assessment of Peacekeeping Operations’ (2014) 26 _The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis_

United Nations Security Council, Cross-Cutting Report: Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict (May 2015)

United Nations Secretary-General, High Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations Report (June 2015)

Vincenc Fisas, The design and architecture of peace processes: lessons learned in the wake of crisis(2015) Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre_

‘Where ISIS has directed and inspired attacks around the world’ – New York Times (1 July 2015)


‘From Cradle to Grave: The Lifecycle of Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria’ by Arie Perliger and Daniel Milton, Combating Terrorism Center

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