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Being More than You Can Be: Enhancement of Warfighters and the Law of Armed Conflict
A recent paper from Associate Professor Rain Liivoja, School of Law, University of Queensland, available here

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Foreign Policy magazine: Fall 2018 edition 

The entire Fall 2018 edition of the Foreign Policy magazine is devoted to the overarching topic “the future of war”. Various interesting articles are featured, including:

  • “Food Fight” – indicates the next big conflict may be fought over fishing rights;
  • “In Cyberwar, There Are No Rules” – suggests that the world needs “digital Geneva Conventions”
  • “Why the Military Must Learn to Love Silicon Valley” – argues that the US Department of Defence and big tech will necessarily pursue a closer relationship

In related news, Brookings has also released a new report on the future of military technology, called “Forecasting Change in Military Technology 2020 – 2040

Other resources

Chris Jenks, ‘False Rubicons, Moral Panic & Conceptual Cul-De-Sacs: Critiquing & Reframing the Call to Ban Lethal Automatic Weapons’ (2016) SMU Dedman School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 243 – available here

Thomas Nagel, ‘Really Good at Killing’, London Review of Books – available here

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