The CAIDE Community

Under our mandate, CAIDE is committed to building cross-disciplinary research on AI and Digital Ethics at the University of Melbourne,across Australia and the globe. Since our establishment we have started to grow a community of like minded experts committed to this cross-disciplinary research.

On this page you will find experts who are already collaborating with us on various projects and events.

If you are interested in working with us on a project, or you think we might be able to introduce you to someone who can aid in your research, please do not hesitate to contact us.


External Researchers

University of Melbourne Professional Staff

  • Prue Gildea 3
    Prue Gildea

    Communications Manager (Media)

    Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

    University of Melbourne

  • Sam Burt
    Sam Burt

    Digital Communications and Media Coordinator

    Melbourne Law School

    University of Melbourne

  • Kirsten Doert Eccles
    Kirsten Doert Eccles

    Executive Officer

    Melbourne Centre for Data Science

    University of Melbourne